International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Experimental Investigation for photo-voltaic power generation using the concept of solar tree
Pages: 01-04  
Role of adenoidectomy in correction of anemia in patients with chronic adenoid hypertrophy
Pages: 05-08  
Intratympanic injection of steroids for treatment of tinnitus
Pages: 09-11  
Clinical and laboratory profile in fever with thrombocytopenia: A clinical study
Pages: 12-15  
The effect of topical application of tranexamic acid after tonsillectomy in post tonsillectomy bleeding
Pages: 16-19  
Analytical method development and validation of diclofenac sodium by UV-visible spectroscopy using AUC method
Pages: 20-24  
Financial liberalization and economic growth in selected lower-middle income and upper-middle income countries of Africa, 1986 – 2017
Pages: 25-33  
Analysis of agriculture data using principal component analysis
Pages: 34-37  
High school teachers’ appraisal of new English grade 10: A qualitative study
Pages: 38-44  
Implementation of character-based practicum performance assessment and its effects on students’ self-concept in environmental pollution course
Pages: 45-48  
Audio-visual learning: An effective curriculum for the metaphysical persons
Pages: 49-55  
Déterminants socio-culturels du recours tardif à la Consultation Prénatale (CPN) dans l’aire sanitaire de Djébonoua en Côte d’Ivoire
Pages: 56-65  
An investigation of undergraduate chemistry education students mastery and use of standard nomenclature in Rivers State
Pages: 66-72  
Investigating the social aging process using data mining techniques
Pages: 73-75  
Research on territorial structures of Taiwanese TNCs’ subsidiaries in electronic industry
Pages: 76-82  
E Folmja E Mallakastrës Në Ndarjen Dialektore Të Shqipes
Pages: 83-86  
Determinants of students’ academic achievements in Ethiopia by multilevel analysis approach: (The case of Wolaita Sodo University)
Pages: 87-93  
Logistic regression analysis of the effects of modular curriculum design on students understanding level
Pages: 95-102  
Spatial analysis of childhood diarrhea among children in two selected regional states of Ethiopia
Pages: 103-109  
Status of Microsoft windows operating system from securityperspective in Afghanistan
Pages: 110-114  
The policies for tribal education in India: Need for redraft
Pages: 115-120  
Stepwise analysis of Farmwomens participation toward decision making process with respect to animal husbandry practices in Junagadh district of Gujarat state
Pages: 121-123  
Singapore’s economic growth: FDI?
Pages: 124-127  
Land management problems and its effects on the post-conflict peace-building of Afghanistan
Pages: 128-130  
Audio-visual to textual account of the child nurturing and education practices of Mrs Janet Okocha.
Pages: 131-135  
Cleanness and purity of Muslim woman’s heart soul and home traditions
Pages: 136-137  
Correlation between female literacy rate and sex ratio in Haryana (2011), India
Pages: 138-141  
Spatial analysis of sex ratio in Haryana: Rural and Urban Dimension
Pages: 142-145  
The effects of the reform of the king of Aaman Ullah ghazi on the younger generation thoughts
Pages: 146-148  
The phenomenon of farmer- herder conflict in Sabon Birni district of Sokoto State, Nigeria
Pages: 149-153  
CD4 T follicular helper cells in HIV
Pages: 154-156  
Impact of Supreme Court orders on air pollution pollutants (No2, So2 and SPM) level of Agra city India
Pages: 157-160  
Antibiotic resistance patterns and frequency of ESBL producing isolates of
Pages: 161-165  
LPS triggers liver TLR4 signaling from the gastrointestinal tract during SARA
Pages: 167-169  
The existence of man and nature in the poetry William Wordsworth and Robert frost
Pages: 170-172  
Examining the driving factors of CO2 emissions using STIRPAT model based on IPAT identity in Indonesia
Pages: 173-179  
Finance commissions and horizontal devolution in India: an analysis of major states by income categories
Pages: 180-184  
Mammals justification of Kabul province reported to be in (vulnerable) and (near threat) condition
Pages: 185-189  
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