International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Metamorphosis of identities through migration
Pages: 01-06  
Removal of heavy metals from industrial wastes of Mobarakeh Isfahan steel with tomato pulp
Pages: 07-13  
Water quality assessment of some selected hand dug wells and a borehole in north western parts of Bauchi Metropolis, Bauchi state, Nigeria
Pages: 14-18  
Poetic text and environmental crisis of the sea: An Ecocritical Study of the Select Contemporary Cebuano-Visayan Poetry
Pages: 19-22  
Selected physical fitness components of kabaddi and kho-kho intercollegiate male players of Bangalore University: A comparative study
Pages: 23-24  
A comparative study of selected motor abilities of intercollegiate male football and handball players
Pages: 25-27  
Electrodeposition and characterization of Ni-Co Nano composite from glycine Bath
Pages: 28-33  
Rural development through infrastructure in Rajasthan
Pages: 44-47  
Effect of real sector finance on banking sector depending
Pages: 48-52  
Audit paper on credit card fraud detection
Pages: 53-58  
Influence of comprehensive sexuality education in promoting reproductive health among secondary school pupils in selected schools in Lusaka province
Pages: 59-65  
Global China as a security guarantor for African nations
Pages: 66-71  
Is Democratic People's republic of Laos an eternal friend of Vietnam facing rising China and its regional influence?
Pages: 72-76  
The risk of ASEAN split for Vietnam due to the territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea
Pages: 77-79  
High quality human resource development approach of Vietnamese government
Pages: 80-83  
High quality human resource development approach of Vietnamese enterprises
Pages: 84-88  
Agility ability and leg explosive strength of district level men kho-kho and kabaddi players: A comparative study
Pages: 89-91  
Review of the impact of obsolescence on residential property values
Pages: 92-99  
A study of secondary school Student’s Attitude towards Yoga
Pages: 100-104  
In silico molecular modelling studies of newly synthesized pyrazole derivatives from p-bromo benzoic acid
Pages: 105-107  
The influences of aloe vera gel supplementation on growth performance of broilers
Pages: 108-110  
Biochemical analysis of oil quality from orange seeds (Citrus sinensis)
Pages: 111-113  
Reliability test on existing ground water mapping in relation to performance in south western Nigeria: A case study of Abe Babalola University (ABAUD)
Pages: 114-117  
Prevalence of juvenile delinquencies as aftermath of minimal social control in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria
Pages: 118-121  
Tyre rubber powder as a soil stabilizer
Pages: 122-125  
Using react learning to improve student’s problem solving mathematics abilities
Pages: 126-128  
Colonial man’s experience in V.S. Naipaul’s: The Mimic Men
Pages: 129-130  
Mental stress of climate migrant’s poor women living in slums of Dhaka city
Pages: 131-138  
A discursive analysis of the 2016 election campaign discourse in Zambia
Pages: 139-146  
Child labour and its effect on children’ wellbeing: An analysis of global debates
Pages: 147-152  
Types of continuous professional development activities in secondary schools: A case of selected secondary schools in Chongwe district in Zambia
Pages: 153-161  
Bio-fungicides in Allium sativum (L) had significant inhibition on Phytophthora megakarya (Brasier & Griffin) and cocoa black pod rot disease
Pages: 162-169  
Electoral Politics: A study of socio-economic factors influencing the electoral politics of Jorhat district of Assam
Pages: 170-174  
Transformational leadership in a transformative society: The dumingagnon experience
Pages: 175-181  
Engineering education in India: Prospects and growth
Pages: 182-186  
Assessement of anthropometric measurements and clinical survey of elderly in fishing communities
Pages: 187-188  
“1984”: A study on repressed sexuality and individual rebellion
Pages: 189-192  
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