International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

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Vol. 6, Issue 7 (2019)

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The immediate and sustained effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) technique on upper limb spasticity in stroke patients
Pages: 01-06  
Bacteriological profile of diabetic foot ulcer
Pages: 07-09  
Factors affecting employee performance improvement: A survey study based on work performance theory
Pages: 10-16  
Ameliorative activity of ethanolic leaf extracts of carica papaya and newbouldia laevis on kidney of alloxan-induced diabetic rats
Pages: 17-21  
Synthesis, characterization and biological studies on some metal (II) complexes with Schiff base [(4-chlorophenyl) imino]-3,3-dimethylcyclohexan-1-one
Pages: 22-28  
Exceptionality and inclusive education in global perspective: Challenges facing the practicability of inclusive education in Nigeria and psychological implications
Pages: 29-33  
Basic education curriculum: A panacea to achieving community development in Nigeria
Pages: 34-37  
Antioxidant Activity of Psidium guajava, Schoenanthus cymbopogon, Solenostemma argel, Hyphaene thebaica and Petroselinum crispum
Pages: 38-43  
Antimicrobial Activity of Psidium guajava, Schoenanthus cymbopogon, Solenostemma argel, Hyphaene thebaica and Petroselinum crispum
Pages: 44-50  
Demographic variables and youths’ response to community based HIV/AIDS counselling services in rivers state
Pages: 51-55  
The action of foreign aids in economic developments of Afghanistan
Pages: 56-58  
Identification of intra- and inter-specific variations in Passiformes of Kabul province using COX1 mitochondrial gene
Pages: 59-66  
Assessing the usefulness of employee appraisal as a tool for employee performance improvement in the shipping sector: The Ghanaian context
Pages: 67-72  
The battle between NoSQL Databases and RDBMS
Pages: 73-78  
Optimism: A comparative study among HIV/AIDS patients of different age groups
Pages: 79-80  
Study of depression in India
Pages: 81-83  
Market segmentation practices and the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Benue state, Nigeria
Pages: 84-91  
Status of available nutrients of soils under vertisols from washi tahsil of Osmanabad district of Maharashtra, India
Pages: 92-99  
Pupils’sources of information about sexual and reproductive health: A Case of selected secondary schools in Lusaka province
Pages: 100-106  
Parents and Teachers collaboration in the education of children in secondary schools in Lusaka province: Voices of parents and pupils
Pages: 109-113  
Analyzing teacher education curriculum in India: Problems & prospects
Pages: 114-119  
Customer satisfaction level of restaurant industry: A study on Khulna City
Pages: 120-124  
Design, implementation and evaluation of surface anatomy educational software for students of university of medical sciences
Pages: 125-128  
Impact of organisational attributes on employee retention in higher education sector in Punjab
Pages: 129-131  
A Survey on Translation of Bodo folk narratives in pre-independence period
Pages: 132-135  
Soft power of India in Central Asia
Pages: 136-140  
An anatomical insight into ‘S’ Shaped SA nodal artery: A study in human cadaveric hearts
Pages: 141-143  
Benefits and harm of families to purchase apartment and many problems faced by consumers
Pages: 144-146  
Exploration of the methods of school violence prevention. A case study of Kang’onga area of Ndola district
Pages: 147-154  
Analysis of co-operative learning technique on improving teaching and learning of mathematics among grade elevens. (Focus study of Fatima girls’ secondary school of Ndola district)
Pages: 155-163  
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