International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Culicidae Diptera insects of some temporary pools of the Mamora forest: inventory and dynamics
Pages: 01-07  
Process of creation of natural temporary pools in Morocco, and physicochemical characteristics of some pools of them
Pages: 08-14  
Availability and utilization of computer packages in learning of geometry in junior secondary schools in Port Harcourt metropolis
Pages: 15-19  
Prevalence of bullying among secondary school students: A case study of three schools in Obio Akpor Lga of rivers state
Pages: 20-24  
Horse-stream truism in Thorndike’s law of readiness: Educational implications
Pages: 25-28  
Language ideology of leather puppet discourse
Pages: 29-32  
The critical thinking profile of junior high school students in solving geometry problems
Pages: 33-37  
Exam and knowledge-based educations in Uganda: A comparison of concepts. A case of Lango sub region, Northern Uganda
Pages: 38-43  
Corporal punishment in Nigeria primary schools learning process: A moral issue
Pages: 44-45  
Challenges faced by postgraduate distance students in research proposal writing: A case of the institute of distance education of the University of Zambia
Pages: 46-55  
Impact of Kisan credit card scheme on farm economy
Pages: 56-57  
Comparative efficiency measurement of Islamic banks and conventional banks: A DEA approach
Pages: 58-69  
Information communication technology: A treatise to globalization
Pages: 70-74  
Relationship between psychological factors and teachers’ presenteeism in public secondary schools in Imo state, Nigeria
Pages: 75-79  
Formulation of thoughts towards creativity is design process
Pages: 80-81  
Promoters and detractors to attainment of life satisfaction among elderly persons in the municipality of Solwezi, Zambia
Pages: 82-86  
Biceps Sartorius muscle and its clinical relevance: A case report
Pages: 87-88  
Education law and management of teachers’ professional ethics in secondary schools in Abia state, Nigeria
Pages: 89-94  
Telegram as a social media tool for teaching and learning in tertiary institutions
Pages: 95-98  
Risk perception and prevalence of blood exposure accidents among health care workers in Murunda hospital in Rwanda
Pages: 99-106  
Human resources management practices and job satisfaction of senior secondary school teachers in rivers state, Nigeria
Pages: 107-113  
Psychological correlates of career choice of in-school adolescents with hearing impairment in south-South, Nigeria
Pages: 114-121  
A historical critical analysis of causes of poverty among fishermen of Samfya district, Luapula Province, Zambia
Pages: 122-130  
A study of the acceptable margin of error for valuation accuracy in south-east, Nigeria
Pages: 131-134  
Psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and group approaches in managing dependent personality disorder (DPD) among secondary school students in Rivers State
Pages: 140-149  
Ethics and moral values in higher education
Pages: 150-152  
Women empowerment Sub theme: Judicial Activism in Women related problems in India
Pages: 153-155  
H.G. wells’ the invisible man
Pages: 156-158  
Relationship between Helicobacter Pylori infection and iron deficiency anemia in hemodialysis patients
Pages: 159-163  
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