International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Effects of unstable surface task oriented training and visual deprived balance training in hemiparetic individuals: A comparative study
Pages: 01-05  
Psycho-demographic variables as correlates of attitude towards leisure among lecturers in public universities in rivers state, Nigeria
Pages: 06-13  
Evaluation the birth weight of the Shami Cyprus goats in (winter and summer) in Kassala State: Sudan
Pages: 14-18  
A critical review of the English syllabus of the English language department at Zawia University, Libya
Pages: 19-21  
Assessing students’ attitudes towards English language at Nepali and English medium higher secondary schools
Pages: 22-27  
Hydric behavior of four Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica M.) seedlings in the face of a water deficit on two types of substrate
Pages: 28-36  
Work meaningfulness and sense of responsibility as correlates of work performance among heads of departments of federal universities in south-south geo-political zone, Nigeria
Pages: 37-41  
Aspect of personal identity, life satisfaction, and self-efficacy: Exploring the relationship between indicators of academic graduate students
Pages: 42-46  
Indian society moving towards gimmick civilization
Pages: 47-48  
The role of instructor in classroom management for blended learning
Pages: 49-52  
A study to examine association of personality factors of essential hypertension and diabetes
Pages: 53-57  
Les mécanismes de surveillance de la grossesse dans la culture obstétricale Tagbana de Darakokaha (Côte d’Ivoire)
Pages: 58-62  
The methods for the early childhood education in Islam
Pages: 63-66  
Science in colonial India
Pages: 67-70  
Diptheria-Case series: Importance of early diagnosis and treatment
Pages: 71-73  
Cyber crime and its implications for educational development in Nigeria
Pages: 74-79  
A Jordanian case study: Potential economic effects of workers returning from the Arabian Countries
Pages: 80-85  
Factors affecting the usage of maternal health care services at Dita woreda in the case of Zada town, Gamo Gofa zone, South Ethiopia
Pages: 86-93  
Education for democratic citizenship: A challenge for multi-ethnic societies
Pages: 94-97  
Constructivist class of instructional models and senior secondary student geometry achievement
Pages: 98-103  
Bio-ecological methods (Sideration and Mulching) obtained in hybrid seedlings of citrus
Pages: 104-106  
Effect of aerobic exercises on nitric oxide after renal transplantation
Pages: 107-110  
Wii games versus transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on pelvic floor tension myalgia
Pages: 111-118  
Digital slavery in social media usage challenging the realities of theology and praxis of liturgical silence in worship
Pages: 119-126  
Bio softening and Bio bleaching of Cleome Viscosa (L) fibre using crude xylanase from a phyllospheric microorganism: Aspergillus niger
Pages: 127-129  
Effect of wage employment on rural transformation
Pages: 130-135  
Impact of feedback on Employees performance
Pages: 136-142  
Repellent and toxic of macerât of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) gray (Asteraceae) on Ancistrotermes sp. at the laboratory
Pages: 143-147  
QSAR and docking study of some benzothiazole derivatives as anthelmintics
Pages: 148-151  
Challenges faced by academics in uptake of quality assurance measures
Pages: 152-159  
Civil community regulation in frame of pluralism
Pages: 160-164  
Identification and documentation of sacred trees its uniqueness and their importance in Kabirdham district
Pages: 165-169  
Satisfaction of tourist on the tourism industry in northern Mindanao, Philippines: Selected attractive spots
Pages: 170-173  
Women empowerment and microfinance in Sri Lanka: With special reference to Homagama divisional secretariat division
Pages: 174-178  
LA question du corps: Nietzsche face à Platon
Pages: 179-184  
Land management system in India with historical perspective
Pages: 185-187  
The effects of financial inclusion on poverty reduction: The moderating effects of microfinance
Pages: 188-198  
Conduct of undergraduate examination in the faculty of education and extension services: Salient issues to ponder
Pages: 199-203  
Personality defines: The Hausas as addressed by speakers of different languages
Pages: 204-208  
Impacts of teacher knowledge and utilization of selected innovative instructional strategies on senior secondary student algebra achievement
Pages: 209-214  
Bapsi Sidhwa’s feministic thought in ice-candy-man: A Parsee perspective on partition and communal tension
Pages: 215-217  
Impact of web-based information literacy on research productivity among academics in Nigerian federal Universities
Pages: 218-226  
Usage and problems to using OPAC in libraries: A literature review
Pages: 227-228  
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