International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Economic valuation of recreational benefits from government botanical garden, the Nilgiris: An individual travel cost approach
Pages: 01-05  
Challenges and problems of GST in India
Pages: 06-08  
Buddhist tourism in Ladakh
Pages: 09-13  
New media and its social implications in Arab society (Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia)
Pages: 14-17  
Delineation of ground water potential zones in Lingala Mandal, YSR District, Andhra Pradesh, by using remote sensing and GIS
Pages: 18-25  
Malacoplakia: A rare entity
Pages: 26-27  
On minimal rgw⍺-locally open sets and maximal rgw⍺-locally closed sets in topological spaces
Pages: 28-32  
Status of sanitation condition in Aligarh city: A challenge for smart city vision
Pages: 33-37  
Indian society and position of third gender: A comparative study of past and present scenario
Pages: 38-41  
Assessment of cognition in older adults using the test your memory test
Pages: 42-44  
Performance of difference PFC converter for improved converter efficiency: A Review
Pages: 45-50  
Collective rights vs. Individual rights
Pages: 51-55  
3D QSAR, molecular docking studies and virtual screening of Tg DHFR inhibitors
Pages: 56-61  
Challenges and prospects in Russia: EU energy relations
Pages: 62-67  
Effect of failure rates on system reliability of a gas turbine power plant
Pages: 68-73  
What are you eating today: Conjoint analysis of drivers and inhibitors of online food ordering
Pages: 74-81  
Effect of sleep behaviour on posture in children with cerebral palsy
Pages: 82-86  
Effect of Jet Reynolds number on temperature time cooling curve on a run-out table
Pages: 87-96  
Effect of impingement heights on temperature time cooling curve on a run-out table system
Pages: 97-105  
Indigenous Affinity in The Mistress of Spices
Pages: 106-109  
A study of globalization and modernity as an engine of changing food habits: A shared process of an exclusive experience
Pages: 110-113  
Lecturers’ perception on students writing difficulties in the international foundation programme
Pages: 114-118  
Les analyses rhetoriques des proverbes francais
Pages: 119-123  
A study on foreign investment & its impact on growth India’s food and agriculture sector
Pages: 124-128  
Career guidance services on girl child career choices in selected schools in Mbeya City- Tanzania
Pages: 129-132  
Study of urbanization and the impact of prompt urbanization techniques on environmental assets
Pages: 133-137  
A study to assess the knowledge regarding hand hygiene practices among the staff nurses of general wards of bharati hospital, Pune
Pages: 138-140  
Challenges of the K+12 Program Implementation in the Public Elementary Schools of Pangasinan, Philippines
Pages: 141-147  
Measurement of the main hematological parameters for some anemic infants in Khartoum state
Pages: 148-150  
Pollen morphotypes of some common tree flora of Allahabad
Pages: 151-157  
A study on consumer preference of Amway products with reference to Villupuram town
Pages: 158-160  
Determination of prothrombin time, INR and platelet count in Some pregnant women in kosti Teaching hospital (Sudan)
Pages: 161-166  
Employee engagements a strategic initiative: An empirical study in manufacturing units
Pages: 167-170  
Customer relationship management in public and private sector banks with reference to Villupuram town
Pages: 171-173  
A study on importance of corporate branding in modern society
Pages: 174-175  
Impact of geographical factors on culture and cultural landscapes: An analytical study of Garhwal region
Pages: 176-182  
The ideal role of welfare state in the concept of health social insurance of BPJS based on justice values
Pages: 183-190  
Desperate needs of teacher’s law protection as a professional educator in Indonesia
Pages: 191-195  
Personality as a mediating factor for career preferences of adolescents
Pages: 196-198  
Inter-religious dialogue and human rights in resolving religious born conflicts
Pages: 199-203  
Assessment of genetics parameters and characters association in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum. em. Thell) for grain yield characters
Pages: 204-208  
A critical evaluation of the school feeding programme in rural schools: a case of st pauls secondary school kapiri mposh, Zambia
Pages: 209-215  
Changes in depression status in employees of government sector
Pages: 216-220  
Inhibition of metal corrosion using Ficus natalensis and Ficus ovata bark extracts
Pages: 221-224  
Reconstruction of courts authority in children foster rights dispute due to the differences based on the value of Islamic law justice
Pages: 225-231  
Implementation of physical development construction to increase public service quality
Pages: 232-239  
Effect of community fitness program in adolescents in cerebral palsy
Pages: 240-241  
Naga-Mandala: A Feminine Play
Pages: 242-244  
An exploratory study to assess respiratory status among auto rickshaw drivers in selected areas of Pune city
Pages: 245-247  
Biochemical analysis of biofilm EPS formed in different coupons immersed in two different aquatic media
Pages: 248-252  
Characterization of natural fiber extracted from Abelmoschus esculentus: an alternative potential for unconventional fibers
Pages: 253-258  
A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching program on knowledge and practice regarding lactation management among the post-natal mothers in selected hospital of Pune city, India
Pages: 259-261  
Public distribution system in India
Pages: 262-266  
Language acquisition of Boro: A typological approach
Pages: 267-271  
Kinematic aspects of take-off action in long jump
Pages: 272-275  
Building climate change adaptation strategies of agriculture through forecasting weather patterns with behavior of animals: a study based on the village of Ralapanawagama, Anuradhapura district in Sri Lanka
Pages: 276-282  
Law protecting inventions in India
Pages: 283-291  
Relationship between cognition and functional performance with balance in post stroke patients- observational study
Pages: 292-293  
Impact of skill India training programme among the youth
Pages: 294-299  
Factor’s affecting customers’ brand choice: A literature survey
Pages: 300-304  
Power factor correction based BLDC motor drive
Pages: 305-307  
The facets of existentialism and the concept of absurd theatre in Albert Camus’ the outsider
Pages: 308-310  
A study to assess the knowledge and attitude of famiy members regarding care of senior citizen selected area in Pune city
Pages: 317-320  
Assessing the principle of the rule of law in democratic Nigeria (1999-2016)
Pages: 321-324  
The application of mind map to English vocabulary teaching in junior high school
Pages: 325-326  
Susceptibility of different geographical strains of Culex pipiens (diptera: culicidae) to temephos in grand Tunis area of Tunisia
Pages: 327-330  
Scholastic excellence of Nalanda and Nalanda contemporary (415 A.D. – 1200 A.D.) Al-Azhar: A comparative evaluation
Pages: 331-334  
A three-level quasi-two-stage three-phase PFC converter
Pages: 335-344  
Availability of counselling services and psychosocial adjustment among students in secondary schools in Luweero district, Uganda
Pages: 345-349  
A comparative study on the health status of two tribal groups (Paniyas and Kattunaikens) of Nilambur forest, Kerala
Pages: 350-353  
Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis for metric traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Pages: 354-358  
Regional variation in poverty in Karnataka: An analysis of its trends and factors contributing
Pages: 359-364  
Nature and spirit of universal religion according to William James
Pages: 365-367  
Comparitive study on heavy metal composition of different species of Ulva from selected coast of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
Pages: 368-371  
Nitrogen fractionations in soil under different horticultural land use systems
Pages: 372-376  
Pottery tradition of Neolithic culture in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 377-382  
Effect of Pranayama and Ayurvedic supplements in cardio vascular performance
Pages: 383-384  
Job satisfaction of management teachers in Guntur district: A comparative study
Pages: 385-387  
Taxonomic study of the Family Channidae, of Nepal
Pages: 388-396  
Trends and strategies for the development of Horticulture in Kashmir Valley (J&K)
Pages: 397-405  
Service quality perceptions and socio-demographic characteristics of tourists in Kashmir
Pages: 406-415  
Corporate social responsibility practices in select software firms of India: need for a holistic approach
Pages: 419-424  
Comparative analysis of aggression as a function of age and levels of sports participation
Pages: 425-428  
Sway of multi sports summer camp (Residential) for adolescent students of south India
Pages: 429-431  
Tactical lookouts of listening in Bangladesh
Pages: 432-435  
Convergence or divergence: An analysis of regional disparities in South Asian countries
Pages: 436-443  
Scenario of some waterborne diseases in slums of Mumbai city
Pages: 444-446  
De l’analyse sociologique de la division du travail à l’intercoopération
Pages: 447-456  
Study of social skills level of school students
Pages: 457-461  
Mechanism of resistance against lime stress by plant growth-promoting Rhizobacteria in Vitis
Pages: 462-466  
Effect of low dye taping and faradic foot bath in subjects with flat foot: A randomised clinical trial
Pages: 467-471  
Scheduled Caste and their faith in Hindu religion in Chamoli district: A geographical study
Pages: 472-474  
The active potential of Guava Psidium guajava (L.) leaves extract and its anticancer activity
Pages: 475-478  
Impact of social media on student life: A blessings or curse
Pages: 479-486  
Women characters in economic activities and their social status as reflected in nil Kamal brahma’s short stories
Pages: 487-488  
Effect of activation of deep neck flexor muscle exercise on neck pain due to smartphone addiction
Pages: 489-492  
Comparative study between conservative breast surgery and modified radical mastectomy in T3 & T4 breast cancer after neo adjuvant chemotherapy
Pages: 493-496  
Assessment of occupational health illnesses and injuries encountered by female workers in building construction in Ahmedabad city
Pages: 497-499  
Effect of bullying on physical activity in obese school going children
Pages: 500-501  
Effectiveness of ICT in teaching of mathematics for ix standard students in Puducherry region
Pages: 502-504  
Effect of conventional balance exercises and electronic balance board on elderly individuals
Pages: 505-508  
An evaluation of the implementation of re-entry policy in primary schools: A case of Ndola District, Zambia
Pages: 509-517  
Personality development of rural area working women in relation to emotional competence
Pages: 518-520  
The influence of civil war on American literature
Pages: 521-523  
Adjustment, self-confidence and academic anxiety of senior secondary school students in relation to their life skills
Pages: 524-529  
प्राचीन भारतीय शिक्षा और राष्ट्रवाद
Pages: 530-531  
¥ÀÄtå PÁ² ²ªÀ ±ÀgÀtgÀ ²æà PÉëÃvÀæ G¼À«
Pages: 532-536  
Green revolution and society
Pages: 537-539  
Heena songs and Nend Baeth: Kashmiri Songs
Pages: 540-541  
Daastan: At the brink of extinction
Pages: 542-544  
Health and environmental impact of improper solid waste management in Faridabad city
Pages: 545-553  
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