International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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The evaluation art of Webster as a dramatist
Pages: 01-02  
Characterization of enriched rock phosphate, bio-compost and partitioning study of micronutrient in maize crop under south Gujarat
Pages: 03-08  
Quantitative geomorphic analysis of Thandla area, Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh and its application in ground water exploration: A case study
Pages: 09-14  
Blended learning approach on students’ academic achievement and retention: A case study of air force secondary school rivers state, Nigeria
Pages: 15-21  
Non-compliance and associated factors leading to the prevalence of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Uganda
Pages: 22-27  
Developing activities of children’s learning through homeschooling
Pages: 28-31  
Modelling the number of abortions having excess zero values using zero-inflated generalized Poisson regression
Pages: 32-37  
Identification of symptoms of the vocal fatigue in stage actors
Pages: 38-41  
Postmodernity - Positioning the postmodern
Pages: 42-43  
Ivor Armstrong Richards as a critic
Pages: 44-45  
Women importance in protection and security
Pages: 46-48  
Violation of human rights in Tamilnadu reference with women
Pages: 49-51  
Ultraviolet spectrophotometric validation of dissolution method for Levocetirizine dihydrochloride tablets
Pages: 52-58  
Language teaching methods
Pages: 59-60  
Effective impact of whole brain development among the abacus learners of younger generation
Pages: 61-65  
Molecular structure, NBO analysis, first-hyperpolarizability, and HOMO-LUMO studies of bis(dithiolylidene)-tetrathiapentalene(BDT-TTP) by quantum computational calculations
Pages: 66-73  
Cluster analysis to predict web page using k-means and affixed agglomerative approach (CAPKAAA)
Pages: 74-79  
The impact of computerized accounting information system on management performance in public sector in Nigeria: Problems and prospects
Pages: 80-83  
A study on financial performance of Schuf Speciality valves India private limited in Coimbatore
Pages: 84-87  
Opinion of secondary school teachers towards occupational stress
Pages: 88-90  
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector in India: A study
Pages: 91-97  
Scriptual in bacon essay
Pages: 98-99  
Les fondements socioculturels de la pratique de l’excision chez les Mangôrô de Katiola (Côte d'Ivoire)
Pages: 100-104  
Dietary salt intake infield practice area under community medicine department with a view of life style diseases in city Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
Pages: 105-108  
Prospects of block chain technology in effective public administration
Pages: 109-111  
Antibiotics prescribing pattern in preterm neonates; hospital based retrospective study
Pages: 112-116  
Analytics – Life Cycle
Pages: 117-126  
Dual case marking system in Bodo
Pages: 127-129  
Effects of Qi gong exercises verses balance training exercises in geriatric patients with balance impairments
Pages: 130-134  
Language sounds and its patterns
Pages: 135-136  
Science, technology and postmodernism
Pages: 137-138  
The heroism of Marlow and Tony Lumpkin in “She Stoops to Conquer
Pages: 139-140  
Shakespeare’s women characters
Pages: 141-142  
Comparative study of aspiration versus non-aspiration fine needle technique in thyroid nodule and its correlation with post-operative histopathological examination
Pages: 143-147  
Clinical study and outcome of alcoholic and nonalcoholic acute pancreatitis presenting to a tertiary care center
Pages: 148-155  
Diganta Lawary’s ‘Mijingao Swmkhe Jwmwi’: A critical study
Pages: 156-158  
Information search pattern of post graduate students in web based environment: A special reference to Basaveshwar Engineering College, (autonomous) Bagalkot
Pages: 159-162  
The influence of working ability and work environment to the performance of civil servants by motivation of employees work information defense of land arrangement Indonesia
Pages: 163-171  
Coopératives, stratégies des acteurs face aux difficultés d’approvisionnement et de commercialisation de la noix de cola cas de la SIPA-CI du marché de gros de Bouaké
Pages: 172-177  
Destination marketing and tourists’ choice: A comparative study of Nigeria and selected African countries
Pages: 178-186  
Plagiarism: An electronic detection tool Turnitin
Pages: 187-190  
Shadows of the Night: The drama of two brothers, at the beginning of the dictatorship in Albania
Pages: 191-194  
Autochtonie, allochtonie et récurrence de conflits halieutiques dans les eaux continentales de Côte d’Ivoire cas du lac d’Ayamé
Pages: 195-200  
A study on challenges to hold on to the ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’ in Hindustani vocal music in today’s modern era
Pages: 201-202  
A study on tribal adolescents of life skills effect stress with special reference to Satna district
Pages: 203-205  
Relationship of the task and ego orientation with competitive anxiety in women volleyball players
Pages: 206-211  
महिलाएँ और मानवाधिकार
Pages: 212-214  
छतरपुर नगर में परिवर्तनशील प्रदूषण का मानव स्वास्थ्य पर प्रभाव
Pages: 215-219  
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