International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Mutual Funds Industry in India: A Growth Trend Analysis
Pages: 01-13  
Adverse child sex ratio in Odisha: A geographical analysis
Pages: 14-17  
Influence of seed source, containers and seed treatment with chemical and biopesticide on storability of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Pages: 18-21  
From infinite to finite - Measurements on speed of light: A historical review
Pages: 22-25  
A study of association between ABO blood group and pregnancy induced hypertensio
Pages: 26-28  
Inclusive education: Starring role of parents and educators
Pages: 29-31  
Rare case of fever of unknown origin (mixed connective tissue disease)
Pages: 32-33  
Quality of life in a Maoist infested area: A study of access to basic amenities in Jangalmahal region in West Bengal
Pages: 34-39  
Spiritual and metaphysical enlightenment in medieval Rajasthan: beginnings and impact
Pages: 40-42  
Legal compliances to start an e-commerce business in India
Pages: 43-46  
Global ethics for social solidarity and harmony
Pages: 47-52  
अभिहितान्वयवाद और अन्विताभिधानवाद
Pages: 53-55  
இரா. முருகவேளின் ‘எhpயும் பனிக்காடு’ நாவல] மற்றும் இயக்குனர் பாலாவின் ‘பரதேசி’ திரைப்படம] ‘தழுவல’; அடிப்படையில் ஒரு ஆய]வு
Pages: 56-63  
Vegetative propagation study on Lippia javanica Burm F Spreng in Herbal Garden
Pages: 64-68  
Black box detection using UAV in FANETs
Pages: 69-72  
Teaching profession, ethics in the Era of globalization of education: Should they be Evamped
Pages: 73-76  
Pupils’ and teachers’ perception toward the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the teaching and learning of Mathematics in selected secondary schools of Central Province, Zambia
Pages: 77-87  
An analytical study: “Role of financial inclusion in reference to financing poors as bankable opportunities Micro credit and SHGs” in India
Pages: 88-91  
Design of an improved PWM inverter using PI controller
Pages: 92-95  
An application of generalized two dimensional fractional cosine transform
Pages: 96-98  
Operational calculus for two dimensional fractional fourier-Mellin transform
Pages: 99-104  
A study of women empowerment in rural India through entrepreneurship and its economic development
Pages: 105-108  
Malaysian female graduates: Marriage, motherhood and labour force participation
Pages: 109-114  
A comparative study on anxiety between fasting and non-fasting male Islamic physical education students in Ramadan
Pages: 115-117  
A comparative study on recovery pules rate between Yoganidra and Savasana
Pages: 118-120  
A comparative study on pre-competition anxiety between individual games and team games
Pages: 121-123  
A study of selected sports injuries and their preventive and rehabilitative measures among women soccer players of west Bengal soccer clubs
Pages: 124-126  
Effect of teacher education programme on attitude of pupil teachers towards creative teaching
Pages: 127-130  
Punjab tourism: A SWOT analysis
Pages: 131-133  
A study of mathematics anxiety among secondary school students in relation to personal and school related factors
Pages: 134-137  
The neutrino and the Nobel prize in physics 2015
Pages: 138-141  
Effect of seed treatments on storability of different genotypes of paddy (Oryza sativa)
Pages: 142-145  
Bd¤¢eL pju J nË£jáNhc³£a¡ x ­j¡r ¢ho­u HL AdÉue
Pages: 146-149  
Angkor vat Temple according to me… (The ever first research article by a Tamil Artist-Sculptor and a Professor after the visit of Cambodia)
Pages: 150-156  
Influence of salinity stress on some characteristics in plants
Pages: 162-165  
Impact of Coping Strategies on Role strain among Dual-earner Couples
Pages: 166-171  
Plant Response to Salt Stress
Pages: 172-175  
Seasonal variation in the Water pollution of Amanishah Nallah by Industrial Effluents
Pages: 176-179  
îÅéÇÃÕåÅ çÅ î¿æé : ñ¯Õ ×Æå» ç¶ éÅñ-éÅñ
Pages: 180-183  
Problems and prospects of Indian women
Pages: 184-187  
अर्थ की परिभाषा और स्वरूप
Pages: 188-190  
Experiencing work-related stress
Pages: 192-193  
An empirical study on factors of organised retail marketing that affect customer satisfaction
Pages: 194-196  
Studies on different methods of preserve preparation
Pages: 197-201  
Study of the awareness of responsibilities and participation of people’s representatives at panchayat level towards sarva shiksha abhiyan- In depth study at a panchayat level
Pages: 202-204  
Growth of food processing industries and its future potentialities: a case study on Hooghly district, West Bengal
Pages: 205-210  
A comprehensive analysis of poverty in India
Pages: 211-216  
Investigation of physico-chemical and microbial quality of two smoke-dried freshwater fish species; Chapila (Gudusia chapra) and baim (Mastacembelus pancalus) treated with salt-turmeric solution storage at room temperature (26-31 0C)
Pages: 217-222  
Challenges of professional football league in Nigeria 1990 - 2015
Pages: 223-228  
Make in India: An overview and the accomplishments
Pages: 229-230  
Cellular synchronization in constant magnetic field: A new approach to the magnetic therapy application
Pages: 231-232  
A Detailed study of contemporary AS3 –Cash Flow Statement
Pages: 233-236  
The attitude of pupils learning Geography toward examination leakages in selected secondary schools in Kitwe District of the Copper belt Province of Zambia
Pages: 237-243  
पश्चिमी मध्यप्रदेश के जनजातीय जिलों में जनजातियों की समस्याएँ एवं सुझाव
Pages: 244-245  
Actualization of a cashless construction industry in Nigeria: Perceptions of stakeholders in Anambra State
Pages: 246-253  
तुलसी काव्य की प्रासंगिकता
Pages: 254-256  
Biological and pharmacological studies of Tribulus terrestris Linn: A review
Pages: 257-265  
The barnyard, the Barney issues and the brainy concerns
Pages: 266-273  
A survey on evolutionary software development life cycle
Pages: 274-277  
Survey and study of fish fauna of river Jhelum, Kashmir (J&K)
Pages: 278-280  
An examination of the relationship between home background and academic achievement at grade seven level in Mutare urban schools in Manicaland province of Zimbabwe
Pages: 281-284  
Constraints faced by secondary school teachers in the teaching and learning of HIV/AIDS education in Maroni district in Zimbabwe
Pages: 285-289  
An investigation of the role played by parents in improving the performance of their children in school work: A case study of Rusape primary schools
Pages: 290-293  
Thermophoresis effect on mixed convection flow from a rotating cone embedded in a porous medium with thermal radiation
Pages: 294-303  
Socio-Economic profile of women working in textile units of Tiruppur district in Tamil Nadu
Pages: 304-308  
Population and Distribution of Four-horned Antelope Tetracerus quadricornis in Talamalai plateau, Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu, Southern India
Pages: 309-313  
A study to assess the effect of intra-dialytic stretching exercises on muscle cramp (pain) among patients undergoing hemodialysis in east coast hospitals at Puducherry
Pages: 314-319  
Limnological Assessment of Abadaba Lake in Imo State, Nigeria
Pages: 320-324  
A study on classroom management for effective teaching
Pages: 325-328  
A rare case of Quadriparesis
Pages: 329-331  
Women labor in agriculture: An economic analysis, in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 332-336  
Methodology of rice beer preparation by some ethnic communities residing in Sivas agar District of Assam, India: A survey
Pages: 337-340  
A critical analysis on block wise status of agricultural productivity and efficiency: A case study on Birbhum district, West Bengal
Pages: 341-345  
Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy and its impact on education
Pages: 346-348  
Human resource management with emerging information system a case study
Pages: 349-352  
A comparative study on software testing tools based on open source technology
Pages: 353-355  
Trends in area, production and productivity of pomegranate producing states of India
Pages: 356-359  
Portrayal of women in select novels of Shobha De
Pages: 360-361  
Survival and growth strategy for financial inclusion in India: A diagnostic study with special reference to financial literacy
Pages: 362-364  
Quality of life among Muslim adults of Jammu in context of age and gender
Pages: 365-367  
जाति उन्मूलन संबंधी बच्चन के विचार
Pages: 368-370  
Effect of seed treatments on seed quality characters of paddy variety (Vishnu Bhog) during storage
Pages: 371-373  
Quality education at elementary level: A quest
Pages: 374-378  
Influence of intercropping on soil conservation, forage quality and control of pest
Pages: 379-383  
The role of auxin and cytokinesis in plants
Pages: 384-388  
Chemical compositions and cytotoxic activity of fruits essential oil from Xylopia aethiopica (Dunal) A. Rich
Pages: 394-399  
Health Care Services in Saarc Countries with Special Reference to India and Nepal
Pages: 400-403  
इलाहाबाद जनपद में कृषि परक संस्कृति का विकास एवं अधिवास प्रक्रिया
Pages: 404-406  
General principles of sports training
Pages: 407-409  
Mastitis with air in cows- Field report
Pages: 410-411  
A study on information and communication technology in libraries
Pages: 412-415  
Compare the height and weight among All India inters university male handball players
Pages: 416-417  
The role of psychology in sports performance
Pages: 418-419  
Significance of reference on the web and semantic web
Pages: 420-422  
भारत में 19वीं शत्ताब्दी में हुये सामाजिक-धर्मिक सुधर आंदोलनों का प्रभाव
Pages: 423-423  
औपनिवेशिक भारत में रेलवे
Pages: 424-425  
काव्य-संग्रह ‘अभी शेष है इन्द्रधनुष’ का शैल्पिक सौष्ठव
Pages: 426-428  
रीवा जिले के ग्रामीण आर्थिक विकास में भारतीय स्टेट बैंक के प्रभाव का अध्ययन
Pages: 429-431  
The study into Robert Browning’s Poetry on Realism
Pages: 432-434  
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