International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Relevance of Higher Education in India
Pages: 01-05  
Privacy preserving mobile access of auditable health data using cloud storage
Pages: 06-10  
Historical narrative of Free and Compulsory Primary Education in Indian Context
Pages: 11-16  
New GDP Data: India vis-à-vis World’s Economy
Pages: 17-20  
Prevalence of Obesity among Staff of Tertiary Care Hospital and Medical College in Ahmedabad
Pages: 21-24  
Study to assess the extent of disrespect and abuse in facility based child birth among women residing in urban slum area of Ahmedabad
Pages: 25-27  
Cloud Computing Customer’s Satisfaction System Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Model
Pages: 28-30  
Assessment on Climate Change Awareness Among Elementary Teachers in San Miguel District, San Miguel, Zamboanga Del Sur
Pages: 31-35  
Effects of Pre-School and Executive Functions on Reading Performance in the First Grade in Lusaka, Zambia
Pages: 36-42  
The Role of Executive Functioning in Early Literacy Performance at Selected Low and High performing Primary Schools in Zambia
Pages: 43-48  
Indian Sensibility in Raja Rao’s ‘The Serpent and the Rope'
Pages: 70-72  
Comparison of performances and expectations of Banks customers about various dimensions of Service Quality Model
Pages: 73-81  
Preparation of Pineapple Jam Blended With Carrot
Pages: 82-84  
Attitude towards Research among M. Ed Students
Pages: 85-87  
Correlation of thyroid dysfunction with serum creatinine
Pages: 88-90  
Relevance of thyroid dysfunction with age
Pages: 91-93  
Determinants of Political capacity in developing States: Focus on Asia and Africa
Pages: 94-96  
Emerging a collaborative structured Learning Management System for effective usage of course materials in e-learning
Pages: 97-99  
Variation in Abundance and Diversity of Soil Invertebrate Macro-Fauna and Some Soil Quality Indicators under Agroforestry Based Conservation Tillage and Maize Based Conventional Tillage in Southern Ethiopia
Pages: 100-107  
Grandparents as child Carers: The Case of Zambian Grandmothers
Pages: 108-112  
Assessment of Anxiety and Adjustment level of high school girls between Rural and Urban Area
Pages: 113-114  
Convergence theorem for asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mapping with error in Banach space
Pages: 135-139  
An analytical model to efficiently assess data centre performance and QOS in cloud
Pages: 140-142  
New stigmasterol and long chain alcohol from Tinospora cordifolia
Pages: 143-145  
Empirical analysis of lead extraction based on reaction temperature and time during leaching of galena in ferric sulphate solution
Pages: 146-149  
Synergistic analysis of lead yield based on reaction time and leachant concentration during leaching of galena in ferric chloride solution
Pages: 150-153  
Sorption properties of carbonized/uncarbonized cornhub powder filled natural rubber/acrylonitrile butadiene rubber biocomposite
Pages: 154-160  
Studies on the extender properties of some selected local clays in Nigeria
Pages: 161-166  
A Study on abortion - type, decisions, reasons - among married women of Ahmedabad district
Pages: 167-169  
Knowledge of Anganwadi Worker about Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS): A Study of Urban Blocks in Ahmedabad District of Gujarat
Pages: 170-174  
Educational thoughts of Swami Abhedananda: A Critical study
Pages: 175-177  
Innovative Mathematical Teaching to Enhancing Creative Problem Solving Abilities among Students
Pages: 187-189  
A Comparative study on Pre-hypertension and its determinants in first year and final year students of B.J. Medical Collage, Ahmedabad
Pages: 190-192  
As A Public Health Expert, Area Needs To Focus: Rural, Urban or Urban Slum
Pages: 193-197  
Environmental Concern in Ruskin Bond’s Select Stories
Pages: 198-199  
Teachers’ Perceptions towards Physical Education as an Academic Subject in Zambia’s Primary Schools: A Case Study of Kombaniya Primary School, Mansa District
Pages: 200-204  
Comparative Study of Self-Concept among Adolescents
Pages: 205-206  
Health status of adolescent beneficiaries of anganwadies in Ahmedabad City
Pages: 207-209  
Aesthetics in Dalit Literature
Pages: 210-211  
हिंदी साहित्य में नारी विमर्श का मूल्यांकन
Pages: 212-214  
Improved communication within the family as a result of parent participation in adult education programs conducted by Parent Education Groups
Pages: 215-220  
A Study on Occupational Health Hazards of Workers in Salted Vermicelli Industry (Namkeen) in India
Pages: 245-248  
A Study on Impact of Family Welfare Programmes on Decline of Fertility and Mortality Rates In Andhra Pradesh from 1980-2011
Pages: 249-262  
Analysis of Pharmacologically Active Compounds in Stomopneustes variolaris Exoskeleton Using Hplc and Gc-Ms Techniques
Pages: 263-267  
Phytochemical Analysis of Jasminum auriculatum Vahl. Using FT-IR and GC-MS
Pages: 268-273  
The role of postmodernism in American literature analyzing a few poems by Elizabeth Bishop
Pages: 274-282  
The Influence of Water Level Fluctuation on the Bank Subgrade Stability
Pages: 283-286  
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Flows into Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria
Pages: 287-295  
Review of oil price volatility and stock returns of oil and gas companies
Pages: 296-303  
Energy Trade Problems Analysis of the European Union-Russia
Pages: 304-312  
Problem of Research Quality in India: An Analysis and suggestions for Sensitisation
Pages: 313-316  
Preliminary Phytochemical Screening GC-MS and FT-IR Profiling of Methanolic Extract of Leaves on Eupatorium triplinerve Vahl
Pages: 335-340  
Preparation of Whey Based Indian Goose Berry (Aonla) Beverage
Pages: 341-343  
Impact of capacity building on women entrepreneurs - A literature analysis
Pages: 344-348  
Role of Green Banking in Environment Sustainability – A study of selected Commercial Banks in Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 349-353  
An Analysis of Fertility Decline in India: Evidences from Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 354-363  
Mucocele of appendix - A rare pathology in a common surgical condition
Pages: 364-365  
Role of coconut oil in regulating autoimmune disorders
Pages: 366-367  
Family Health Survey Data Validation in Sabarkantha District
Pages: 368-371  
To study the clinical profile and outcome of myocardial infarction in Young’s
Pages: 372-377  
To study haematological profile in patients of chronic liver disease
Pages: 378-381  
डाॅ. राजेन्द्र प्रसाद के भाषा संबंधी विचार और उनकी प्रासंगिकता
Pages: 382-384  
Subjugation of women and cultural crisis in selected short stories of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Arranged Marriage
Pages: 385-387  
Gender Bigotry and Mahesh Dattani
Pages: 388-390  
Compact key cryptographic approach to store & access Distributed stored information from cloud
Pages: 391-393  
Groundwater contamination through pesticide usage in vegetable growing areas of Delhi
Pages: 394-397  
Contamination of Groundwater by Usage of Pesticide in Cotton Growing Area
Pages: 398-402  
Dr. Ambedkar on Indian Society and Politics
Pages: 403-406  
Adverse Effects of Antimalarial Drug – alpha/beta Artether on Growth of Developing Chick Embryo
Pages: 407-410  
क्लाईमेट चैन्ज इम्पैक्ट एण्ड अडैपटेशन मैक्निजम ऑफ द कम्नयूटिज ऑफ गढ़वाल एरिया एण्ड फ्यूचर रोड मैप
Pages: 411-415  
Global Super Store: A New Era of Online Shopping
Pages: 416-421  
Climate Change Awareness and Risk Perception by the Coastal People of Bangladesh
Pages: 431-440  
Distribution Pattern of Urban Crimes in Sri Lanka; with Special Reference to Mirihana Police Division
Pages: 441-453  
Job Satisfaction Scale
Pages: 454-457  
Wireless Power Transmission
Pages: 458-461  
Synthesis, Antimicrobial of N-[4-(4-Arylidene)-2-(4-X-Phenyl)-5-Oxo-4, 5-Dihydro-Imidazol-1-Yl] - Benzenesulfonamides
Pages: 462-466  
The Mediating Effect of E-Commerce on the Relationship between Innovation Orientation and Competitive Advantage
Pages: 467-473  
Constitutional and legal provisions for womens in India
Pages: 474-476  
An Integration of share earnings into Strategic Philanthropy
Pages: 477-482  
Re-presenting the Self: A Study of Amrita Pritam’s autobiographies The Revenue Stamp and Shadow of Words
Pages: 483-487  
रीतिकालीन कवि मतिराम का काव्य-सौन्दर्य
Pages: 488-490  
Original Article - Role of Serum Iron and Serum Ferritin in Type II Diabetes
Pages: 504-511  
A Comparative Study of Sports Competitive Anxiety between Kabaddi and Kho-Kho Male Players
Pages: 512-514  
Original Article - Study of Cardiovascular Manifestations in Patients of Hypothyroidism with Special Reference to TMT (Tread Mill Test)
Pages: 515-523  
Investment Decision Making: A study of Individual Investors Perception
Pages: 524-528  
Planning a neighborhood walk for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): from virtual to actual journey
Pages: 529-535  
Psychosocial problems among primigravida antenatal women in selected community of Ahmedabad
Pages: 536-538  
Health Insurance: An Emerging Concept
Pages: 539-542  
Multi-Level Comparison of Data De-duplication with Message Encryption
Pages: 543-546  
Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Farmers’ participation in Demand driven extension services among small scale farmers: A Case of National agriculture and livestock extension programme (NALEP) In Moiben, Uasin County, Kenya
Pages: 547-551  
Growing up among siblings: Sib-care in Zambia
Pages: 570-574  
Real time Remote Sensing of Structural Members Subjected to Critical Stresses
Pages: 575-577  
Micropropagation of F1 hybrid and clonal seeds of Jatropha curcas L. through embryo culture
Pages: 578-584  
Internet Usage and Factors Affecting on Internet Usage by University Students
Pages: 585-589  
Tension Pilling for Cell Filled Concrete Pavement
Pages: 590-592  
Aspects of the Reproductive Strategy of Pseudotolithus Elongatus (Teleostei: Sciaenidae) in the Cross River Estuary, Nigeria
Pages: 593-595  
Impact of Gender on Customer Satisfaction for Service Quality: A Case Study of Hyper Stores
Pages: 596-599  
Career Choices among Medical Students: A cross Sectional study
Pages: 604-607  
Folklore - A Source to Promote Tourism in Manipur
Pages: 608-610  
Achieving Teacher Education Objectives through Service Learning Strategies
Pages: 611-613  
Teachers’ Perceived Difficult Behaviours of Adolescent Learners In Respect Of Their Personality Orientation
Pages: 623-629  
Tribal Development Approaches in India
Pages: 630-633  
“McCarthyism and The Crucible” Does history repeat itself?
Pages: 634-636  
Designing of Spectrum Tagging Device and Its Application in Autonomous Automobiles
Pages: 637-639  
E-Governance and Corruption in Nigeria
Pages: 640-645  
Representation of Women in Television Advertisements
Pages: 646-649  
Inductive Power Transmission
Pages: 650-652  
Assessment of nutritional status & deficiency disorders among children attending ICDS services in Ahmedabad
Pages: 653-655  
Assessment of food intake based on food guide pyramid of elders residing in the old age homes of South Delhi, India: A qualitative analysis
Pages: 656-659  
Regional Development and the Role of Urban Centres in North Central Sri Lanka
Pages: 660-663  
Consumer Attitude and Perception of Mobile Phone Service Providers in Nagapattinam District
Pages: 673-678  
Short Term Evaluation of Arthroscopic Outside in Repair of Type 1B TFCC Tear With Vertical Mattress Suture
Pages: 679-683  
Manufacturing and Evaluation of Formulated Nutraceutical Capsules Using Natural Extracts
Pages: 684-688  
Characterization of Nkalagu Obukpa Clay Deposits for Industrial Uses
Pages: 689-692  
Macro-microstructuctural studies of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of mild steel in simulated environments
Pages: 693-697  
Molecular Evidence for distribution of Rht-B1b (Rht1) and Rht-D1b (Rht2) Genes in few Indian Wheat Cultivars
Pages: 698-700  
A Study on CRM Practices in Private Sector Banks
Pages: 701-704  
Relationship Marketing in Indian Tourism Industry-A tourist perception of Hoteliers and Travel agents
Pages: 705-713  
A Study on Impact of Micro Finance: With Reference to Priority States of India
Pages: 714-719  
Secured Multicasting Technique Using Enhanced Mabs
Pages: 720-723  
gzikp, gzikph s/ gzikphns dk nbzwpodko^ cho'IdhB Poc
Pages: 724-726  
William Faulkner as short story writer
Pages: 727-730  
Relative effect of resistance training and plyometric training programme on physical fitness variable among Pondicherry athletes
Pages: 731-733  
Knowledge and attitude of university track and field athletes towards drugs, alcohol and smoking
Pages: 734-736  
Common fixed point theorem for weakly compatible mappings in complex valued metric spaces using identity function
Pages: 737-741  
Assessment of aerobic exercise and yogic practice on blood pressure
Pages: 742-744  
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