International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Pages: 01-07  
Conservatism analysis on Indian Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting (IFRS)
Pages: 08-14  
Etiological Models of Function, Trying to Describe the Repercussion of Sociological Ambiance on the Identifications of a Regional Architecture
Pages: 15-23  
Teaching peace concept to children
Pages: 24-26  
Interventions teachers use for pupils with learning difficulties in public and primary schools in Awka-south local government area of Anambra state, Nigeria
Pages: 27-32  
An approach for image segmentation using fuzzy C-mean clustering
Pages: 32-35  
Lasers power in dentistry- A boon
Pages: 36-40  
Creep analysis of a transversely isotropic rotating FGM disc
Pages: 41-45  
Creep response in a variable thickness rotating FGM disc
Pages: 46-49  
Heat utilization from refrigerator condenser using water heater and hot box
Pages: 50-55  
Population growth and regional development in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh: A geographical analysis
Pages: 66-69  
To assess prevalences of URTI and associated symptoms amoung university students
Pages: 70-77  
Preliminary phytochemical screening and in-vitro anti-ophidian studies on leaves and roots of Oldenlandia Umbellata
Pages: 78-82  
A comparative study on security features of banknotes of various countries
Pages: 83-91  
A morphometric analysis of linear aspects of Usri river basin
Pages: 92-98  
Analysis of different algorithms on edge and corner detection
Pages: 99-102  
Lithostratigraphy of the Koum Basin (Northern Cameroon)
Pages: 103-114  
Learning organizations: Shifting from teaching to learning
Pages: 115-118  
E-Filing Awareness of Income Tax returns
Pages: 119-122  
Customer and bank multiplicity in the non-bank financial institutions
Pages: 123-126  
The impact of the totalitarian ideology in Albanian grammatology
Pages: 137-140  
Impact of Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme (MGNREGS) on rural migration in Dhemaji district of Assam
Pages: 141-148  
Rural consumers brand awareness
Pages: 149-152  
Effect of UV radiation on the life cycle of rice moth Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Pages: 153-154  
Teaching albanian as a foreign language to Italian students: Some phonetic problems and solutions
Pages: 155-159  
Prevention of herpes zoster: A review
Pages: 160-162  
Advance Trends in Object Detection
Pages: 163-166  
RTOS in Wireless sensor network
Pages: 167-170  
Physical Education Program of CIT University
Pages: 171-175  
Iris Feature Extraction of a blinked eye
Pages: 176-189  
Study the seasonal variations and correlation analysis of various parameters of Tekanpur Lake
Pages: 201-205  
Formation of mixed quadrature rules by cleanshawcurtis five point uadrature rule with another two wellknown quadrature rules for numerical integration
Pages: 206-209  
Impact of work life balance on employee’s performance and gender differences with respect to SME’S in selected manufacturing sector units
Pages: 210-212  
Perceptions of married persons on nkolola intiatian ceremonies in southern Zambia
Pages: 213-219  
Publicism and literature: The general and distinctive features
Pages: 220-225  
Speech Recognition Using Neural Networks: A Review
Pages: 226-229  
Dalit Assertion and Electoral Politics in India with reference to UP
Pages: 230-233  
A quest for real identity in bharati mukherjee’s jasmine
Pages: 234-238  
Information technology in tourism
Pages: 239-242  
Meditation and its psychophysiological basis
Pages: 243-244  
A study of the legitimacy of commercial papers and its discount, terms and consequences on Iranian law system
Pages: 245-248  
Disintegration and devaluation of american family: Sam shepard's buried child
Pages: 249-251  
Smart Earphones
Pages: 252-253  
Need and importance of institutional finance for agricultural development
Pages: 254-257  
Smart phone based real time wireless data logger system
Pages: 258-261  
Perceptions of Parents and Teachers on Partnerships in Inclusive Education in Kasama, Zambia
Pages: 262-271  
Nitrogen Levels in forages preferred by African elephants (L. Africana) in Rimoi Game Reserve and Conservation Area, Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya
Pages: 272-276  
Appendage of CAN Segments with IEEE 802.11 WLAN
Pages: 277-281  
Cost analysis using efficient methods and tools in cloud computing
Pages: 282-286  
Effects Of Work-Famıly Conflıct On Psychologıcal And Socıo-Cultural Lıfe
Pages: 287-289  
Evaluation of disaster recovery in cloud computing
Pages: 300-304  
Soil Desurfacing Induced Spatiotemporal Land Use/Land Cover Change in Study Area in the Year 2007 -2012
Pages: 305-312  
Role of pudhu vazhvu project (pvp) on poverty eradication in Tamil Nadu
Pages: 313-316  
Welfare scheme of handloom weavers in India: an analysis
Pages: 317-321  
Two derivative free iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations
Pages: 322-326  
Observation on the Biquadratic Equation with Five Unknowns
Pages: 333-337  
Effect of ageing time and temperature on the mechanical properties of aluminum bronze alloy
Pages: 338-341  
Influence of Ageing Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Bronze Alloy (Cu-10%Al)
Pages: 342-347  
Simulation of PMSM Speed Control System with Vector Control Method based on Matlab
Pages: 354-359  
FPGA in Loop Implementation using Sobel Algorithm on Detected Object
Pages: 360-365  
The Reasons of Working in Informal Sector; A Research Among the Poor Women in Turkey
Pages: 366-368  
Goals and Objectives of the Graduate Studies: It's Acceptability
Pages: 369-370  
A study on employee outlook
Pages: 371-374  
Larvicidal activity of Selected Medicinal Plant extracts against Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi and Culex quiquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae)
Pages: 375-378  
A study on brand preference of liquid crystal display (lcd) television sets (with special reference to udumalpet taluk)
Pages: 379-382  
To Study Pulmonary Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus Patients and Its Assessment by Spirometry and 6 Minute Walk Test
Pages: 383-387  
Legal perspective on the effect of climate change on India's Irrigation sector
Pages: 388-393  
Adolescent education programme is the need of the hours
Pages: 394-396  
An empirical study on family influence in the process of purchase decision for products in Tirunelveli city
Pages: 411-414  
Homocysteine, an Early Predictor of Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Pages: 415-418  
Land Reform Initiatives in Odisha: Hopes realized and belied
Pages: 419-422  
मनुस्मृति में शासन पद्वति और आज के संदर्भ
Pages: 423-425  
Transaction Identification Algorithm Enhanced With User Pruning and Combined Maximal Forward Reference and Reference Length Approach for Improving Prediction of Next Web Page from Web Log Entries
Pages: 426-430  
Nanotechnology A Potential Tool In Malarial Chemotherapy-Review
Pages: 431-434  
A Study on Students Awareness and Attitudetowards Government Examinations (With Particular Reference to V.L.B. Janakiammal Cas)
Pages: 435-437  
¢¤y‰þ# x!¦þöìœöì… ”yöì›y”îûþ™%îû “þyÁËŸy¢˜– ›y¨yîûöì¢yîû x!¦þöìœöì… ²Ì!“þšþ!œ“þ =®ë%öì†îû xíÅ÷ì˜!“þ„þ !‰þe
Pages: 438-439  
Evaluating the Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Productivity
Pages: 440-442  
Comparative note on Environment and it relevance: On the Basis of Manu
Pages: 443-445  
‘राग दरबारी’ उपन्यास में स्वातंत्र्योत्तर भारत
Pages: 630-632  
मनुस्मृति में नारी विमश
Pages: 633-635  
साठ के दशक के दलित साहित्य में भावाभिव्यक्ति
Pages: 636-640  
Thoughts & Ideas of Swami Vivekananda on Education : Man Making Development of Swami Vivekananda
Pages: 641-642  
Comparative study of Anthropometric measurements and body Composition between individual and team game of Punjab University Chandigarh
Pages: 643-646  
A comparative study of health and wellness among male players of individual game of Haryana
Pages: 647-651  
भर्तृहरि द्वारा प्रतिपादित शब्दब्रह्म का स्वरूप
Pages: 656-657  
Robert browning’s realism is the treatment of universal human passions: An enquiry into his poetry
Pages: 658-660  
Tomb of Sher Shah Sur: A symbol of royal inspiration
Pages: 661-663  
Effects of long-term low intensity aerobic training and detraining on triglycerides in men and women students
Pages: 664-667  
Role of green chemistry in reducing the environment hazards
Pages: 668-671  
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