International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Islamic Education System: A Complementary and Cost Effective Channel for Inclusive Elementary Education
Pages: 01-09  
Online news web text extraction based on modified maximum subsequence segmentation
Pages: 10-12  
Distribution of dragonflies and damselflies from Pulicat lagoon, Tamilnadu
Pages: 13-16  
School of management goals and objectives: Its acceptability
Pages: 17-18  
Choice of efficient centrifugal pump for minor irrigation scheme
Pages: 19-23  
Impact wetting and contact angle on quality offset press
Pages: 27-31  
Efficiency improvement of Sludge Drying Bed - Design Modification of present system
Pages: 32-34  
Inhibitive effect of Cnidoscolus chayamansa leaves extract on Copper in Acid environment
Pages: 35-44  
स्थानीय तथा परम्परागत ज्ञान के द्धारा समुदाय पर आधारित प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का प्रबन्धनः एक अध्ययन, चमोली जनपद, उत्तराखण्ड
Pages: 45-50  
Identity access management using multi-tier cloud infrastructure for secure online voting system
Pages: 51-58  
An empirical study on apt alumni association in higher education institutions to enhance brand name of the institution
Pages: 69-74  
Significance of measurement uncertainty on digital multi-meters
Pages: 75-80  
Incidence and severity of leaf blight disease of jackfruit seedling (Artocarpus heterophyllus l.) in Bangladesh as influenced by weather components
Pages: 82-86  
The quality of physical and chemical the waters of the arbes Ambon
Pages: 87-92  
FPGA based high speed, low power 32 bit*32 bit multiplier
Pages: 93-96  
Data aggregation and privacy preserving techniques in wireless sensor networks: A survey
Pages: 97-99  
Corrosion inhibition efficacy of ethanolic extract of mimusops elengi leaves (MEL) on copper in natural sea water
Pages: 100-107  
Seasonal spreading dynamics of blue-green and green algae in the water bodies of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan
Pages: 108-110  
The effects of a direct instruction model, lead, test reading procedure with reading mastery plus contingent rewards on sight word recognition by a middle school student with Intellectual disabilities
Pages: 111-115  
Isolation of antagonistic actinomycetes species from rhizosphere of non bt-cotton
Pages: 116-122  
Woman empowerment-A key to economic growth
Pages: 127-134  
कमलादास जी की ‘मेरी कहानी’: जीवन का सत्यांकित दस्तावेज
Pages: 135-137  
Water in contemporary Indian art
Pages: 138-141  
Analysis and development of vertical wind axis turbine using CFD techniques
Pages: 142-144  
Synthesis and dielectric studies on zirconium dioxide nano particles
Pages: 142-147  
Towards secure and consistency dependable in large cloud systems
Pages: 145-150  
Antifungal potential of some plant extracts against threepost-harvest fungal pathogens of avocado (Perseaamericana Mill.) fruits
Pages: 148-152  
Green Advertising: An Effective Tool for Sustainable Communication
Pages: 151-154  
Single sign-on mechanism security enhancement for distributed computer networks
Pages: 153-156  
Isolation and characterization of textile dye degrading native bacterial strains from textile effluent contaminated sites
Pages: 155-160  
The challenges in teaching learners with visual impairment in Zambia
Pages: 157-166  
Measures to work from impact printing inks to work and the environment
Pages: 161-166  
Aspect of cognitive dynamics with reference to sex in a population group of Karnataka, India
Pages: 167-170  
The use of assimilation motif by redactors as a missionary device in 2 kings 5
Pages: 167-171  
Financial support and schemes availed to women entrepreneurs in nagapattinam district Tamil Nadu
Pages: 171-174  
Securing the system using honeypot in cloud computing environment
Pages: 172-176  
Determinants of job satisfaction of bank employees- A study with reference to public sector banks in mayiladuthurai town
Pages: 175-177  
Traffic and dynamic load balancing in grid computing system
Pages: 177-180  
Genetic resources family Fabaceae Lindl. in the flora of Azerbaijan
Pages: 181-183  
Formulation and Optimization of Mucoadhesive Films of Some Anti-fungal Drugs by PVA and Gelatin Based Technique
Pages: 184-194  
The Outsider Traits in Ernest Hemingway’s Short Stories
Pages: 188-190  
Research analysis of single sign-on security mechanism for distributed computer networks
Pages: 191-194  
Service sector in India
Pages: 195-197  
A study on the influencing factors for exporters in choice of selecting the freight forwarders
Pages: 198-200  
A critical study on standard parameters of handwriting examination – similarities and dissimilarities
Pages: 201-204  
Financial performance of selected BSE/NSE listed hotel industries in India
Pages: 205-211  
On the ternary quadratic diophantine equation 5(x2+y2)-2xy=20z2
Pages: 211-214  
Art and symbolism in Sikh coins and medals
Pages: 212-214  
On the ternary quadratic Diophantine equation 9z2 = 11x2 -2y2
Pages: 215-219  
Growth pattern and Heterocyst frequency assessment of dizotrophic Cyanobacterium – Anabaena doliolum treated with Paper mill effluent.
Pages: 215-220  
Successful Pregnacy outcome in a primigravida with twin gestation with complete situs inversus: A rare case report
Pages: 220-221  
Efficient and trustworthy data transmission over wireless sensor networks
Pages: 221-225  
Chhattisgarh: Naxalism, Human Rights and Role of Media
Pages: 222-226  
Nexus between ownership structures and shareholders’ wealth
Pages: 226-231  
Pharmacognostical standardization of roots of Curcuma angustifolia ROXB
Pages: 227-230  
RPSM- Routing protocols survey in MANET
Pages: 231-238  
Design of rectangular micro strip patch antenna in geometrical shapes
Pages: 239-243  
Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the patients of J.P.N. apex trauma center AIIMS New Delhi
Pages: 244-245  
Assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Type 2 Diabetic Patients of RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi, India
Pages: 246-247  
Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the urban population of Allahabad district, India
Pages: 248-249  
Comparison of distance-time, distance-speed and distance-acceleration curves of university level sprinters with an elite sprinter
Pages: 257-259  
A study on customer satisfaction of a selected branded two wheelers in south Coimbatore
Pages: 260-264  
Performance of Currency Derivative Market in India
Pages: 265-272  
The connected monopoly in graphs
Pages: 273-277  
Television advertisements: Creating awareness or problems to the television viewers
Pages: 278-282  
Implementing an I2C Bus on FPGA
Pages: 283-285  
Studies of different clue materials for semen detection and DNA fingerprinting in sexual assault cases
Pages: 286-288  
A comparative study of occupational choices of rural and urban high school students
Pages: 289-291  
Dynamics of soil desurfacing due to brick kilns and suggestive management techniques
Pages: 292-298  
Pages: 299-304  
Indication of the presence of metazoan fossils from the neo-proterozoics of indravati basin
Pages: 305-309  
Domestic wastewater treatment by slow sand filtration: A pretreatment to ultrafiltration
Pages: 320-325  
Effect of powder and liquid laundry detergents on Swiss chard plants
Pages: 326-335  
Use of natural zeolite for treating drinking water containing excess amount of nitrate
Pages: 336-345  
Treatment of municipal sewage wastewater by tio2 based heterogeneous photocatalysis
Pages: 346-353  
Treatment of grey water by using rotating Biological contactors unit
Pages: 354-359  
A study on marketing of small scale and cottage Industry products
Pages: 360-362  
Evaluation of mechanical properties of ERI and ERI union fabrics
Pages: 363-365  
The change ability of the teaflavans and tearubigines in the production of georgian black tea
Pages: 366-369  
Rapid assessment of reservior water quality and suitability indices for drinking purpose: A case study of ero and ele reserviors in Ekiti state Nigeria
Pages: 370-373  
Adventure tourism in India
Pages: 374-379  
Phytochemical screening of ten Nigerian medicinal plants.
Pages: 390-396  
Design and Development of a Wall Painting Robot for the Houses Wall
Pages: 397-401  
Multipurpose weeding machine
Pages: 402-405  
Refinement of land cover classification of satellite images using GA based k-means clustering algorithm
Pages: 406-409  
Effectiveness of infrared lamp therapy on healing of episiotomy wound among post natal mothers
Pages: 410-413  
Role of Turmeric in liver and colon cancer
Pages: 414-415  
Scalable and secure sharing of data in cloud computing using attribute based encryption
Pages: 416-420  
Mobile in cloud computing
Pages: 421-426  
Fault tolerance management for document searching on cloud
Pages: 427-430  
Female Foeticide: Violence in the Womb
Pages: 431-435  
Design of Check Dam for Effective Utilization of the Aflaj Water Resources
Pages: 446-449  
Work place violence among health personnel in tertiary health care institution of Nepal
Pages: 450-453  
Design of trimming tool and its cassette
Pages: 454-455  
Some general indices of certain R-Crown Molecular graphs
Pages: 456-465  
Impact of Hexavalent chromium on the Testicular lipogenic and lipolytic Enzymes in Albino rats
Pages: 466-471  
From electronic business to business intelligence in the marketing of tourist companies
Pages: 472-479  
A sociological study of Arun Kolatkar
Pages: 480-482  
A Comparative Analysis for Conventional PID controller with Fuzzy Logic Controller and Genetic Algorithm based Controller
Pages: 483-486  
Cloud computing for healthcare organisation
Pages: 487-493  
The contributions of pallavarayan in History
Pages: 494-497  
Potential gain in life expectancy after partial and complete elimination of specified causes of death: An analysis of Medical Certification of Causes of Death data in India and its selected states
Pages: 508-512  
Marketing on telecom services: A study with special reference to BSNL, Dindigul district
Pages: 513-516  
Ultrastructural studies on cibarium of two species of genus mansonia (culicidae: diptera) to explore new & additional taxonomic attributes
Pages: 517-520  
How Successful Pakistan has been to fight against major floods of its history (1970-2010): With special reference to July-August 2010 flood
Pages: 521-527  
Death penalty: Need to exist or not in India
Pages: 528-531  
Techno-stress among library professionals at the workplace in ICT era: An overview
Pages: 532-536  
Student’s viewpoint about smoking and its prohibition at public places
Pages: 537-543  
Modal testing methodology of a missile fin structure
Pages: 544-547  
Evaluation of Anti-arthritic potential of Adansonia digitata seed extract
Pages: 548-554  
Growth and yield of tuberose as influenced by different levels of manures and fertilizers
Pages: 555-558  
Fabric defect inspection system using neural network
Pages: 569-573  
Soil washing, ozofractionation and metal sequestration: removing organic and inorganic species from contaminated soil and water
Pages: 574-579  
Security issues associated with big data in cloud computing
Pages: 580-585  
Mobile cloud e-business models, services, and applications
Pages: 586-590  
Period three cycle and chaos in a dynamical system
Pages: 591-594  
A study on consumer behaviour towards various brands of milk and milk products with special reference to Thudiyalur town at Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu
Pages: 595-601  
A Review on Phytochemical and Pharmacological status of Datura fastuosa Linn
Pages: 602-605  
An appraisal of Bacteriophages as Biocontrol Agent in Treating E.coli O157:H7 Mediated Experimental Gastroenteritis in Mice
Pages: 606-614  
Improvement of image denoising using curvelet method over dwt and gaussian filtering
Pages: 615-619  
Improvement of histogram equalization using bi-histogram equalization technique for image enhancement
Pages: 620-623  
Violence through Religious Rituals: The Critical Analysis of Perumal Murugan' s One Part Woman
Pages: 634-636  
Multimodality assessment of PET/CT scan images
Pages: 637-640  
Contribution of the international committee of the red cross (ICRC) to the development and implementation of international humanitarian law
Pages: 641-644  
Organizational Culture and Accuracy of Performance Forecasting in Large Manufacturing Firms, in Kenya
Pages: 645-648  
Significance of FDI in forex transactions reference to Indian automobile industry
Pages: 649-652  
Combined effect of organic manures on growth and yield of tomato varieties
Pages: 653-656  
Effect of different time of sowing on growth and yield of Gimakalmi
Pages: 657-660  
शिफ्ट वर्कर्स के व्यावसायिक तनाव का यौगिक प्रबन्ध्न
Pages: 661-663  
Disease diagnosis using rough set based feature selection and K-nearest neighbor classifier
Pages: 664-668  
In vitro plant regeneration from mature embryos of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Pages: 669-672  
Burden of Anaemia among Non Pregnant Non Lactating (NPNL) Married Women of Reproductive Age in Urban Slums of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh- A Community Based Cross- Sectional Study
Pages: 683-690  
Effects of compost amendments on the suppressiveness of Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith) Yabuuchi on potatoes in western Highland of Cameroon
Pages: 691-695  
New species and their bioecological features of astragalus spread in the area of nakhchivan autonomous republic
Pages: 696-697  
The influence of energy resources of the Caucasus on the development of regional integration
Pages: 698-701  
Biomorphological Analysis and Geographical Spreading of the Vegetation of the Particularly Protected Natural Areas
Pages: 702-703  
An insight into counterproductive work behavior
Pages: 704-706  
Resettlement & rehabilitation of displaced women – A survey of recent literature in India
Pages: 709-714  
Conventional religious beliefs and practices of the Rajbansis of North Bengal: An overview
Pages: 715-720  
Social disintegration effects on the legitimate state institutions in Pakistan
Pages: 721-723  
A study on the portrayal of young adults by Indian contemporary writers of English
Pages: 724-731  
महीप सिंह कृत ‘क्षणों का संकट में नारी कुण्ठा का विष्लेशण’
Pages: 732-733  
Recreation of history through mythical technique in Raja Rao’s Kanthapura
Pages: 734-735  
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