International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Migrant remittances is a way for Bangladesh to march toward a developed country through socio- economic development
Pages: 01-07  
A comparative study of post office services fostering financial inclusion - A Meta analytical approach
Pages: 08-12  
Time and fear of god in the old testament book of qoheleth
Pages: 13-16  
Security considerations in public mobile cloud computing
Pages: 17-19  
Multinomial logistic model for mode of occupational choices
Pages: 20-26  
Isolation and screening of potential cellulolytic bacteria from coir retting effluent
Pages: 27-31  
Plight of a public sector telecom company (BSNL). Can it recover from the crisis?
Pages: 32-36  
Performance of barangay tanod
Pages: 37-39  
Clinical profile of organophosphate compound poisoning in a tertiary care centre
Pages: 40-43  
A non-static immobility of human world; in the light of Ode on a Grecian Urn
Pages: 44-45  
Comparative study of aggression behaviour between government and private senior secondary school boys and girls of Haryana
Pages: 46-47  
A study on traditional agroforestry practices existing at Bastar region of Chhattisgarh
Pages: 56-64  
Faunastic Records of Noctuid Moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) from Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 65-67  
A study on the effectiveness of ethics in advertisements and its impact on the consumer preference for health drinks - with reference to Coimbatore
Pages: 68-71  
Face expression recognition using score level fusion method
Pages: 72-74  
Medico Botany of some anti Diabetics plants used in sculptures and rituals in Coastal districts of Odisha
Pages: 75-85  
RBI restriction of free ATM transactions in metro cities
Pages: 86-88  
Model predictive control for robot manipulators of puma type using a neural network model
Pages: 89-93  
To study significance of CSF C- reactive protein and ADA in meningitis.
Pages: 94-99  
चित्रा मुद्गल के आवां में विमर्शमूलक वैचारिकता का चिन्तने
Pages: 100-103  
Evaluation and productivity of the populations of astracantha microcephala species
Pages: 104-107  
No mystery is so great as misery; a hallmark of Oscar Wilde's Socialism
Pages: 118-120  
Comparison of Australian socio economic activity between 2001 & 2006
Pages: 121-124  
Error analysis and correction in oral communication in the efl context of Bangladesh
Pages: 125-129  
Effect of Public and Government School Environments on Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence
Pages: 130-132  
A methodology for resourceful design of traffic signal control
Pages: 133-137  
A study on physique and fitness status of university active female student
Pages: 138-140  
Comparative analysis of communication in ancient and modern information system
Pages: 141-145  
Antibacterial and phytochemical properties of five African medicinal plants used as chewing sticks south-western part of Nigeria
Pages: 146-152  
Study on sacred groves of Kanker district, Chhattisgarh, India.
Pages: 153-160  
Government participation towards agricultural sector
Pages: 161-163  
A comparative study of aggression behaviour between sports person and non-sports person of Bhiwani district
Pages: 180-182  
A comparative study of adjustment variables between basketball and handball female players of Sirsa district in Haryana
Pages: 183-185  
Vehicle identification and authentication system
Pages: 186-190  
Use of automated enforcement for red light violation
Pages: 191-193  
Stylistic analysis of Alfread Tennyson's poem tears idle tears
Pages: 194-196  
Nutritional content of pies fortified with potato and eggplant peels
Pages: 197-202  
Isolated cilioretinal artery occlusion: A case report
Pages: 203-205  
Autonomous wheeled Robot Control in a coordinate system using Wireless Transmission
Pages: 206-212  
Correction of transient response of sensor by adaptive technique
Pages: 213-220  
ठाणे जिल्हईातील जिआदिवासींचे वेठबिगारी, सावकारषाही, जमिनदारी विरोधातील बंड
Pages: 221-222  
Need of Article 370 in Present Political Setup in India: A Critical Study
Pages: 232-236  
Observation on the hyperbola y2=110x2 +1
Pages: 237-239  
CA-125 as a marker of peritoneal inflammation in diagnosis of acute appendicitis
Pages: 240-243  
Remote sensing data application in digital elevation model for feature extraction of Jaisalmer region, Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India
Pages: 244-248  
National Security and Sustainable Development: The Nigerian case
Pages: 249-254  
Impact of emotional intelligence on employee engagement
Pages: 255-256  
Fdi in tourism sector in India
Pages: 258-264  
Neurosis and social- schizophrenia in Naipaul's a house for Mr. Biswas
Pages: 265-267  
Analysis of selected large cap open ended equity schemes of mutual funds India
Pages: 268-269  
Participation of women in rural local governance: A study of background of women leaders in a Desert district of Rajasthan
Pages: 270-274  
Value investing
Pages: 286-287  
Status and challenges of the higher education in India
Pages: 288-291  
A study on customer satisfaction level on green products with special reference to Coimbatore district
Pages: 292-295  
Employability with soft skills: An overview
Pages: 296-298  
Impact of non-commercial advertisements on television viewers with reference to Mayiladuthurai town
Pages: 299-303  
Diversity and abundance of insect species at Madhya Pradesh forest
Pages: 304-307  
Economic impact of travel & tourism - A comparative analysis of India and Malaysia
Pages: 308-315  
Insect pest constrains of jute and its control by biological agents under modern Eco-Friendly sustainable production system
Pages: 316-321  
Non-equilibrium thermodynamic studies on transport of aqueous aluminium nitrate solutions across cellulose acetate membrane
Pages: 322-326  
Honour Killing or honouring the killers: Distorted Facets of Law
Pages: 327-330  
The Differently Abled Population: A spatial Analysis from socio-Regional Perspective in India
Pages: 338-345  
Clinical study and management of acute pancreatitis
Pages: 346-347  
Observations on the hyperbola y2=90x2+1
Pages: 348-350  
3D printing technology
Pages: 351-358  
Perspectives on manpower development programmes and graduate unemployment in Nigeria
Pages: 359-366  
Mentoring as staff development strategy for effective programme implementation in Nigerian universities
Pages: 367-371  
Procedure for admission, screening and registration of fresh student in Nigerian universities
Pages: 372-374  
Evaluation of strategic planning methods in the development of university education
Pages: 375-378  
The idea of false sisterhood: The post- feminist echoes in Rupa Bajwa's the sari shop
Pages: 379-381  
Quality Assurance and Benchmarks for Success in Internet-Based Distance Education
Pages: 382-385  
Status of daughter in ancient Indian society
Pages: 395-396  
Establishing traditional teaching methods used and how they affected classroom participation and academic performance of learners with visual impairment in Zambia
Pages: 397-412  
A study on decisive tool "value stream mapping "to excel the potentiality of manufacturing industries
Pages: 413-429  
Influence of surface phenomena in shape offset-printing
Pages: 430-436  
Geophysical Investigations of Lithology and Ground Water Potentials of Recharge Zones
Pages: 437-446  
The effects of 4-week of aerobic exercise training on non-athlete male students sleep quality
Pages: 447-452  
Internet addiction among school going adolescents
Pages: 453-456  
A study on the length and breadth of thyroid gland of pati ducks (anas platyrhynchos domesticus) in Assam at various age groups
Pages: 457-458  
Environmental sustainability and manufacturing sector
Pages: 459-464  
Anthropogenic impact on river of sundarban deltaic settlement area; with special references to the Piyali River, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India
Pages: 465-469  
The survey and comparison of soccer players' (14-20 years old) mood states in different posts of Khorramabad
Pages: 479-484  
The comparison of participating with non-participating third grade students anxiety components in the 12 instructional sessions of swimming of Tehran
Pages: 485-489  
Melioidosis causing skull bone osteomyelitis in HIV positive illness: A case report
Pages: 490-493  
Energy Efficient Linked Supervisory Set based Routing (E2LS2R) scheme for wireless mesh networks
Pages: 494-499  
Formulation of a spelling tool in Malayalam for identifying learning disabilities in children
Pages: 500-505  
Investigation about seasonal variation and tissue specificity by Endophytic fungi from fifteen Indian medicinal plants
Pages: 506-512  
Colour optimization of the secchi disk and assessment of the water quality in consideration of light extinction co-efficient of some selected water bodies at Cooch Behar, West Bengal
Pages: 513-518  
"Workload perception": A study among emergency department healthcare workers
Pages: 519-521  
Egoism as a religion
Pages: 522-523  
নারায়ণ গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়ের নির্বাচিতছোটগল্পের রূপরেখা রুম্পা ভদ্র
Pages: 524-538  
Data transmission and reception in mimo-ofdm system using 16-qam technique
Pages: 544-547  
Seroconversion of HIV infected with correlated intercontact times and antigenic diversity threshold with scbz property
Pages: 548-553  
Cost-Effective dynamic fair priority algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing environment
Pages: 554-558  
Developmental dental anomalies: Some case reports and their potential role in forensic investigations
Pages: 559-561  
Design of a parallel pipelined FFT architecture with reduced optimal delays
Pages: 562-565  
Mobile commerce - A mode of modern business
Pages: 566-569  
Life as reflected in women's mirror
Pages: 570-575  
FDI issues and challenges
Pages: 570-575  
Analysis on equity share behaviour of selected companies scrip in pharmaceutical sector and banking sector
Pages: 576-578  
Cultural diversity - A challenge to manage employee performance in banking sector
Pages: 579-581  
Green energy
Pages: 582-583  
Approaches for the Analysis of Generation Rate and Density of Municipal Solid Waste of Allahabad City
Pages: 590-593  
Taxonomic studies on external and internal genitalic attributes of two species of genus Xestia Hubner (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)
Pages: 594-601  
Decision making in share market using pruning algorithm
Pages: 602-604  
Re-ranking of images based on textual and visual context
Pages: 605-608  
Tag and value based annotator
Pages: 609-611  
Enhanced Photocatalytic Efficiency of Microwave Synthesized Cu/ZnO Nanocomposite
Pages: 612-615  
Amending highly acidic blowdown sludge by direct addition of beneficiated alumina refinery residue
Pages: 616-624  
A comprehensive review of entrepreneurial issues in Indian tourism and hospitality industry
Pages: 625-631  
Women literacy level in Pathsala town of Barpeta district, Assam, India
Pages: 632-638  
Suicide tourism
Pages: 639-642  
Rural livelihood of eighteenth century's Bengal: In perspectives of shivayana by Rameswara Bhattacharya
Pages: 642-644  
Studies on rheological properties of herbal ice cream prepared by selected medicinal herbs
Pages: 645-647  
A brief discussion on empowerment of women in India
Pages: 648-651  
Impact of varied proportion of dietary protein on the growth performance of the juveniles of Labeo rohita (Ham.)
Pages: 652-655  
Attitude of Community Members Towards Environmental Education at Primary Stage
Pages: 656-659  
A study of the prevalence and the level of alienation among emergency service healthcare workers
Pages: 660-662  
Constraints and farmer's perception on off season green onion production in Chitwan - A Survey
Pages: 663-666  
The learning strategy through the using of instruction technology interactive animation media (IAM) seen from independence learning mathematics secondary school students
Pages: 667-675  
Dr. Annie Besant's views on spiritual education
Pages: 676-679  
Gender discrimination in India: An overview
Pages: 695-696  
Popular construction of self-government: The literary representation of 'national' in 'Bandira Atmakatha' by Gopabandhu Das
Pages: 697-702  
Job satisfaction of teacher educators in relation to sex, qualification, experience and age at secondary level in Kamrup and Nagaon districts of Assam
Pages: 703-706  
Incidence of Low Birth Weight and Effect of Maternal Factors on Birth Weight of Neonates in Rural Areas of Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 707-715  
Influence of package size on consumer buying decision
Pages: 716-718  
UN convention on the nationality of married women
Pages: 719-720  
Sustaining university undergraduate programmes in Nigeria through annual performance management
Pages: 721-725  
Evaluation of critical policy initiative for effective university management
Pages: 726-729  
The role of academic planning unit in sustainability of university education
Pages: 730-733  
Challenges and prospects of teacher education in national development
Pages: 734-738  
Exploring Bio sorption potential of dry immobilized biomass of cyanobacteria for removal of triphenylmethane dye under thermal conditions
Pages: 748-753  
Vicarious liability- A storm in dentistry
Pages: 754-755  
Study on Haemato-Biochemical Alterations occurred in Fasciola spp. infected Buffaloes
Pages: 756-759  
Location proof updating using location based services with privacy preserving
Pages: 760-762  
Graphical Password Authentication With Cloud Securing Method
Pages: 763-768  
Lower order harmonics removal in a grid-connected PV inverter
Pages: 769-777  
Mohammad-Bin-Tughluq: The right side of the wrongly presented innovator
Pages: 778-781  
Regular properties of lexicographic products
Pages: 782-785  
On the Non -Homogeneous Sextic Equation x+2(x2-w)x2y2+y4=z4
Pages: 786-787  
समकालीन कहानी में बदलते पारिवारिक मूल्य
Pages: 788-790  
Evaluation of clustering methods for mining duplicate image groups
Pages: 801-805  
Space Tourism
Pages: 806-818  
The silenced subalterns in recent Indian English women poets
Pages: 819-821  
Entrepreneurship development through tourism (A study of Jammu province: J&K State in India)
Pages: 822-828  
Leverage analysis of selected Indian power sector companies
Pages: 829-834  
Role of education in women empowerment
Pages: 835-838  
Autonomous vehicle using car to car interface
Pages: 839-841  
Gyroscopic Damping of Wind Vibration for Skyscrapers
Pages: 842-844  
Reliability Analysis of Warranty Period and Insurance Policies of a Product
Pages: 845-847  
Concentrated solar power using a perfect black body
Pages: 848-850  
Removal of Manganese by Microfiltration in a Water Treatment Plant
Pages: 861-864  
Removal of heavy metals & phenol from wastewater by using agricultural fibers - A review
Pages: 865-874  
Grey water treatment by using membrane filtration
Pages: 875-880  
Effect of disinfectants on stored grey water quality
Pages: 881-886  
Treatment of grey water by using recycled vertical flow bioreactor (RVFB)
Pages: 887-894  
Effect of alcohol on sports performance
Pages: 895-897  
A comparative study of physical fitness components between badminton and lawn-tennis female players of Rohtak district in Haryana
Pages: 898-900  
Problems of frustration, aggression and low self-esteem among adolescents
Pages: 901-904  
Analysis of selected general motor ability variables, agility, speed, power and strength of different areas school students
Pages: 905-906  
Effectiveness of ICT blended with traditional method for teaching of human rights
Pages: 907-911  
Trends in the priority sector advances of public sector banks and SARFAESI Act 2002
Pages: 912-915  
Quest for harmony between urban and non-urban elements of life: A study of kamala Markandaya’s two virgins
Pages: 916-918  
A brief introduction of Riemann integral
Pages: 919-920  
A zone adpative bi-directional BFS model for route optimization
Pages: 921-924  
मनववाद और अस्मिता-विमर्श का साहित्य
Pages: 925-927  
Physico-chemical analysis of drinking water samples collected from Shimlapuri in Ludhiana city
Pages: 928-930  
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