International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Loneliness among elderly persons: A case study of Rajasthan
Pages: 01-04  
Long run relationship and short term causal dynamic linkages between Indian stock market and Gold prices
Pages: 05-10  
Influence of different dose of nitrogen on the growth and yield of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.)
Pages: 11-14  
Festivals, traditions & rituals associated with sacred groves of Chhattisgarh
Pages: 15-21  
Corporate leverage and its impact on EVA and MVA
Pages: 22-25  
Aspirations and motives of rural women entreprenenrs: An empirical study of Coimbatore district
Pages: 26-28  
Fabric fault processing using image processing techniques
Pages: 29-31  
Traditional management methods used to minimize wild boar (Sus scrofa) damage in different agricultural crops at telangana state, India
Pages: 32-36  
Assessing software reliability using HGM
Pages: 37-42  
A Study on Frequency of Extension participation of Farmers in Erode District
Pages: 43-46  
Testing the validity of CAPM in Indian stock markets
Pages: 56-60  
Handloom production and exports in India
Pages: 61-65  
Tax regimes of oil producing giants: A comparative study of Iran, Nigeria and United States of America
Pages: 66-75  
Results of twenty three gauge pars Plana Vitrectomy for Endophthalmitis in a North Indian Tertiary Eye Care Institute
Pages: 76-82  
Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure trends in India
Pages: 83-85  
Martin Luther’s theology of ‘Freedom of a Christian’ and its implications for 21st Century African Church
Pages: 86-90  
Epidemiological trend of malaria from 2007 TO 2012 in a tertiary care centre of Kerala- A cross sectional study
Pages: 91-95  
Municipal solid waste management with special reference to Lucknow
Pages: 96-99  
"To create a customer or serve the shareholder"? What drives the corporate board rooms to act upon?
Pages: 100-103  
A study on dimensions of faculty stress: A factor analytical approach
Pages: 104-108  
Export performance of coffee in India- An analytical study
Pages: 118-122  
वैयाकरणभूषणसारकर्ता श्रीकौण्डभट्टः
Pages: 123-126  
वैयाकरणशिरोमणिः श्रीहरिरामकाले तस्य काशिका च
Pages: 127-129  
Employee's attitude and perception towards corporate social responsibilities - An empirical study
Pages: 130-134  
मनुस्मृति के अनुसार जीवन में सनातन धर्म का महत्व
Pages: 135-137  
A comparative study of cardio respiratory endurance between men and women Kabaddi and Kho-Kho players
Pages: 138-140  
The heyday’s of the bhoodan movement in Odisha: A reminiscence
Pages: 141-143  
Creative talents among muslim minority educands: A study on higher secondary level students
Pages: 144-146  
Culture of Kinnari Jogis within tribal culture
Pages: 147-148  
A comparative study of adjustment and social intelligence of urban higher secondary school students in relation to their gender
Pages: 149-151  
Awareness in women perception for family planning A case study of Baliyana village (Rohtak)
Pages: 161-163  
Shopping behavior of UMHIC localities of South Delhi: A study of the sustainable economic environment
Pages: 164-174  
Influence of geomorphology and geology on land use land cover patterns, a case study in parts of YSR district, A.P.
Pages: 175-180  
Feminism in Indian fiction in English
Pages: 181-184  
Indian poetry in english: Issues & trends
Pages: 185-188  
Perspectives on public interest litigation (PIL) India
Pages: 189-192  
समाज की चिन्ता का केन्ई¦ कविता में
Pages: 193-195  
Pages: 196-198  
अचः परिस्मिन्पूर्वविधौ
Pages: 199-200  
A high-precision and highly accurate sub-pixel motion estimator for high compression efficiency HDTV video coding in MPEG4/H.264 for next generation multimedia and wireless applications
Pages: 201-209  
Experimental study on pre-cracked reinforced concrete beams strengthened with externally bonded GFRP composites
Pages: 219-224  
A study of development and performance characteristics of NAO brake linings with fly ash
Pages: 225-226  
Exploitation of Pseudomonas sp. for disease control and productivity in tea
Pages: 227-235  
The effects of copy, cover, compare for spelling for a high school student with intellectual disabilities
Pages: 236-240  
Sediment characterization of a sub-tropical pond of Birpur, Jammu (J & K) in relation to its macrobenthic and bacterial fauna
Pages: 241-246  
Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in glaucomatous and normal patients using spectral domain optical coherence tomography and standard automated perimetry-a comparative analysis
Pages: 247-251  
The development of plot in J.M. SYNGE' S "The playboy of the western world"
Pages: 252-254  
Dryden's theory of criticism in "an essay of dramatic poesy"
Pages: 255-257  
Recent insurance regulatory developments & its implications
Pages: 258-261  
A real time portable ECG device for detecting cardiac abnormalities through wireless interface
Pages: 262-265  
Complex Chain System the Formula with Changeable Commission
Pages: 276-287  
Globalization and Stress among Computer Professionals
Pages: 288-291  
Growth and structure of the cooperative agricultural credit system in India
Pages: 292-295  
Designing and Building a Yagi-Uda Antenna Array
Pages: 296-301  
An open access technique to create Pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic surgery
Pages: 302-303  
A study on factors affecting supply chain management in garment industry with special reference to Tirupur
Pages: 304-307  
An empirical analysis of HR policies on the performance of employees in banking industry: A case study of State Bank of India (SBI)
Pages: 308-312  
The new takeover code by the securities and exchange board of India
Pages: 313-316  
Characterizing wireless OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) channels and its assignments using asymptotic methods for wireless applications
Pages: 317-326  
Pre-eighteenth Century Oriya Literature and Women
Pages: 327-334  
Gendered occupational segregation in the service sector of Delhi and Kolkat
Pages: 345-353  
Wildlife tourism in Kashmir: A case study of Dachigam national park
Pages: 354-361  
Multivariate analysis of Indian banking sector performance: A camel framework approach
Pages: 362-366  
Association of blood group antigens with filariasis
Pages: 367-370  
Effect of multimedia in teaching mathematics at secondary level in Dindigul district
Pages: 371-374  
Development of sustainable brand equity in small and medium enterprises (SME) through supply chain relationship - Ensuring end to end connectivity
Pages: 375-380  
विज्ञान पत्रकारों से अपेक्षाए
Pages: 381-383  
Reduce flooding based DDoS attack and improve network performance parameters by using NS-2 Simulator
Pages: 384-392  
Effects of the Emerging Trends in Journalism Practice and Education on Democracy: Nigeria as a Case Study
Pages: 393-397  
Performance of police women in solving crimes committed against women and children
Pages: 398-400  
Colonialism and urban primacy in the Punjab region (1901 - 1951)
Pages: 411-419  
Impact of migration on women: A case study in slum dwellers in Bhubaneswar city of Odisha
Pages: 420-425  
Astragalus dasyanthus L. (Fabaseae) a New Species to the Flora of Azerbaijan
Pages: 426-427  
Building sustainable organizational capabilities through supply chain innovation
Pages: 428-433  
ग्रामीण विद्यार्थियों के मध्य सामाजिक बुद्धि एवं समायोजन के आधार पर का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 434-436  
Job stress and its implication for revenue officials of the central excise department: A study
Pages: 437-441  
Evaluation of homestay accommodation supply in Sri Lanka
Pages: 442-447  
Mobile Banking: Security Measures
Pages: 448-451  
Equity Impact of Linear Land Acquisition Projects: A Case for Participatory Paradigm
Pages: 452-461  
Dal lake of Kashmir: Problems, prospects and perspectives
Pages: 462-469  
Reasons behind the heavy traffic jam in Dhaka City
Pages: 470-473  
Effectiveness of An Education Programme on Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Adolescent Boys
Pages: 474-478  
A study on measuring the financial soundness of Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
Pages: 479-483  
Impact of negative stress in the academic performance of the students
Pages: 484-486  
Mycological spectrum in Sputum samples of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Attending TB Clinic
Pages: 487-490  
Management of social ignorance: a cognitive & constructive approach
Pages: 491-494  
Efficency of bancassurance channels – An evaluation of the performance of public sector banks in India
Pages: 495-498  
Estimation of nitrogen mineralization by nitrifying bacterial isolates btrs8 and nbtrs2 from bt and nbt rhizhospheric soil of cotton plant by using different carbon sources
Pages: 499-505  
Diagnostic study of diseased Popliteal arteries of human leg
Pages: 506-510  
Problem Solving Ability among Senior Secondary School Students of Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 511-517  
Consumer awareness about bank's android mobile-app and its usages
Pages: 528-530  
India goes green: A contemporary review
Pages: 531-535  
Eosinophilia cystitis in males: A six year retrospective study
Pages: 536-540  
Alcoholic liver disease -- Clinical profile and correlation of severity with the help of electrocardiography
Pages: 541-549  
Culture and Community: In the Fiction of Rohinton Mistry
Pages: 550-552  
Staff training and development programmes in nigerian university libraries: the case of michael okpara university of agriculture, Umudike
Pages: 553-557  
Effect of Different Liquid Fertilizers on Yield and Economic Analysis of Glutinous Corn (Zea Mays Linn.)
Pages: 558-562  
Stress Management
Pages: 563-566  
Comparative efficacy of various techniques to detect early pregnancy in kenguri ewes
Pages: 567-576  
Effects of aqueous extract of Ficus capensis leaf on some reproductive parameters in normal adult male wistar Rats.
Pages: 577-583  
Domestic Violence: implications in terms of causative theories
Pages: 594-598  
Indian cow milk and its high merit
Pages: 599-601  
A survey on dynamic resource provisioning over cloud for revenue maximization
Pages: 602-603  
Strategic myopia of tourism development in Sri lanka; a critique
Pages: 604-609  
Faith Dimension and Attitude towards Rehabilitation of Inmates
Pages: 610-613  
Clinical Utility of Rheumatoid Factor and Anti Ccp Antibodies in the Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pages: 614-617  
Anonymous bird Asian Open bill stork of Chhattisgarh, India
Pages: 618-621  
Efficient Sharing of Data over Cloud by Public-Key Encryption Using KAC technique
Pages: 622-624  
Life style modification for hypertensive patients: A short review
Pages: 625-627  
Boosting job satisfaction among star category hotel employees
Pages: 628-631  
A study on leverage analysis of TVS motor company limited
Pages: 643-645  
Apriori Based Muti-Keyword Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
Pages: 646-648  
The Myofascial Pain-Dysfunction Syndrome
Pages: 649-652  
Customer preference towards the various policies offered by the private insurance companies in Coimbatore city
Pages: 653-656  
Cytotoxic effects of Paper mill Effluent on Allium cepa L.
Pages: 657-661  
A structured approach with RASP data perturbation for confidential and efficient queries in the cloud
Pages: 662-666  
Providing security and privacy to cloud data storage using TPA
Pages: 667-670  
Effect of red, blue and UV light on constituents of Centella asiatica L. Urban grown under controlled environment
Pages: 671-674  
Traumatic caecal perforation - A rare case presentation
Pages: 675-677  
Reduction of fault current and voltage in a decentralized generation units through an active type SFCL
Pages: 678-683  
Evaluation of brand awareness, buying behaviour and brand loyalty for durable goods of rural Indian consumers
Pages: 684-689  
A study for identification of social support factors promoting women cricket in India
Pages: 690-695  
Haryana: Green land of India and abode of god
Pages: 696-699  
Staff productivity of weak and non-weak banks
Pages: 700-703  
Attacks in cryptography due to pairing based schemes
Pages: 704-708  
Postcolonialism in margaret Atwood’s “Surfacing”: Disconnectedness from language, history and culture
Pages: 709-710  
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