International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Use of Information Communication Technology for Effective Teacher Education
Pages: 01-04  
Motherhood as Reflected in Ruskin Bond’s Story The Woman on Platform 8
Pages: 05-07  
A Comparative Study of Status of Teachers in Selected Urban and Rural Secondary Schools in Southern Province, Zambia
Pages: 08-18  
Hydrochemical and Bacteriological Evaluation of Awefin Springwater Osin-Ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria
Pages: 19-25  
Construction enterprises problems analysis in the new member states of European Union
Pages: 26-36  
Women Representation and Panchayati Raj: An Analytical study
Pages: 37-39  
A 4.24 / 2.12 Giga Pixels per Second High-Performance Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Processor for Real-Time 8K Ultra HDTV in (HEVC) for Next Generation Wireless Multimedia Applications
Pages: 40-49  
International financial reporting standards (IFRS) and financial reporting implications
Pages: 50-55  
Constraints in management of school facilities for the actualization of vision 20:2020 in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Pages: 56-60  
Gender Differences in Administration of Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Pages: 61-66  
Rhizosphere properties of three wetland macrophytes under conditions of varying organic load in the microcosm
Pages: 75-79  
Tree Related Relaxed Cordial Graphs
Pages: 80-83  
Cycle Related Homo-Cordial Graphs
Pages: 84-88  
Disparities in literacy with Reference to Gender: A study of inter-districts of Haryana
Pages: 89-92  
Performance of MGNREGA – A Study in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 93-96  
Grey Water Treatment by Using Direct Ultrafiltration
Pages: 97-103  
Laundry Wastewater Reuse in Irrigation and its Effects on Soil
Pages: 104-110  
Adsorption of Methylene Blue from Textile Effluent by Using Biosolid as Adsorbent
Pages: 111-117  
Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment by Physicochemical Method
Pages: 118-124  
Removal of Nitrate from Groundwater by using Natural Zeolite as Adsorbent
Pages: 125-132  
Teachers Support on Learners as a Factor to Academic Performance among Secondary School Students in Kiambu County; Kenya
Pages: 143-149  
Change detection mapping of Landuse / Landcover area in Satna district: using remote sensing and Gis technique
Pages: 150-154  
Impact of Phonophoresis Therapy in Hematological Changes on Freund’s Adjuvant Induced Arthritic Rats
Pages: 155-158  
Learn to manage stress a Conceptual Framework
Pages: 159-160  
The Roles of Family and Community in Ensuring Quality in Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Development of the Nigerian Child
Pages: 161-166  
Teachers’ perception on the improvement needs of supervisors in clinical classroom supervision for the sustainability of the universal basic education programme in Ebonyi state junior secondary Schools
Pages: 167-171  
In-vitro Antimicrobial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Ethanolic leaves Extract of Acacia nilotica (L)
Pages: 172-176  
Double Vertex Graph and Complete Double Vertex Graph of a Fuzzy Graph
Pages: 177-183  
The Evolution of the Concept of Inter-Generational Equity under the Indian Environmental Jurisprudence
Pages: 184-187  
Role of banks in poverty eradication through corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Pages: 188-191  
Effect of Resistance Training and Endurance Training in Series and Parallel on Heart Rate at Rest and Explosive Power
Pages: 202-205  
The Implication of IFRS Adoption for Financial Reporting in Oil and Gas Companies
Pages: 206-211  
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Financial Reporting in the Oil and Gas Sector: Conceptual Perspective
Pages: 212-217  
An experimental study on the mechanical properties of alccofine based high grade concrete
Pages: 218-224  
Examining Parent Child Relationship of Adolescents Girls at Jaipur City; Rajasthan (India)
Pages: 225-226  
Isolation and Identification of Keratinolytic Bacteria from Tannery Effluent: A Study on Their Biodegradative and Dehairing Activity
Pages: 227-234  
Effect of Resistance Training and Endurance Training in Series on Heart Rate at Rest and Resting Respiratory Rate
Pages: 235-238  
Factors Affecting Aggregate Work Hours of Married Working Couples in Pakistan
Pages: 239-241  
हिन्दी उपन्यासों में विवेचित सांस्कृतिक राष्ट्रवादी मूल्यों पर मंडराता खतरा
Pages: 242-245  
Financial Analysis of Sakthi Sugar Private Limited, Coimbatore
Pages: 246-250  
Contradictions between Happiness Index and Economic Development Index
Pages: 252-255  
Cryotherapy in squamous intraepithelial lesions of cervix
Pages: 256-261  
Role of CTDI to estimate patient dose from a single slice to multi slice CT scanners
Pages: 262-266  
Heat and mass transfer analysis and optimization of direct evaporative cooling system
Pages: 267-271  
Personal Pronouns in Assamese
Pages: 272-281  
Understanding Transition through Secondary Schools; A Review of Trend in Academic Performance among Students in Kenya
Pages: 282-285  
Human Factors as Determinants of AMT Adoptions in Structure of a Manufacturing Company
Pages: 286-298  
Study of socio-economic status of female workers in some selected brick Kilns in Karad, Maharashtra, India
Pages: 299-304  
Forensic accounting and financial fraud
Pages: 305-312  
Using Chaos Theory as a Framework to Understand the Autistic Mind
Pages: 313-316  
Biodiversity: The Web of Life
Pages: 327-329  
L’interculturalité dans les communautés lagunaires Ahizi (Côte d’Ivoire) : une problématique du vivre ensemble
Pages: 330-337  
Wages and salaries analysis of new the European Union Member States
Pages: 338-345  
Advertisement Effect of OLX and Quikr for Used Product on Consumer of Northern India
Pages: 346-351  
Impact of Earnings Management on Dividend Policy of Indian Companies
Pages: 352-356  
Pharmacognostic and Hptlc Studies on Oldenlandia Umbellata
Pages: 357-362  
Awareness and Satisfaction of Educated Consumers about Consumer Protection Legislation in Tirunelveli City
Pages: 363-365  
Studies of Physico-Chemical Status of the Various Ponds and Streams at R.S.Pura Tehsil under Anthropogenic Influences
Pages: 366-369  
Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Fin cage Component Used in Missile
Pages: 370-374  
Effects of divorce on the academic performance of some selected public senior high school students in the Bolgatanga municipality of Ghana
Pages: 375-381  
Physicochemical and Nutrient Analysis of Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Powder
Pages: 392-395  
Production and Partial Purification of Xylanase from Bacillus pumilus
Pages: 396-400  
Use of Nuclear Energy in Producing Electricity
Pages: 401-404  
नागपूर शहर में भोसला शासन कालीन मंदिर (1740-1860)
Pages: 405-407  
Cultism in Schools: Challenges and Remediation Strategies
Pages: 408-413  
Impact of Trophic Conditions on Biological Parameters of Egyptian Vultures (Neophron Percnopterus) In Azerbaijan
Pages: 414-417  
Ecological Imbalance and Global Concerns- A Perspective
Pages: 418-420  
Human Rights and Terrorism: An Overview
Pages: 421-424  
Erosion Failure Analysis of CFBC Boiler
Pages: 425-429  
Rural Banking, its evolution and implications for marketers
Pages: 430-434  
Sexual harassment of women at workplace - A legal analysis
Pages: 444-446  
A study to assess the dietary and lifestyle practices of patients with type ii diabetes mellitus with a view to prepare handouts on prevention of complication of type ii diabetes mellitus in MGMC & RI, Pillaiyarkuppam, Pondicherry
Pages: 447-453  
Decentralization and development: Indian experience
Pages: 454-457  
The gradual effects of implementing model-lead-test and child selected rewards in the home to assist a preschool student with basic rote counting
Pages: 458-461  
Differences in family functioning and mental health between divorcees and married women: A comparative study
Pages: 462-466  
Effectiveness of accrual basis accounting as compared to cash basis accounting in financial reporting
Pages: 467-473  
Relationship commitment of OTA’s: A study measuring the gap in service delivery of the tourism industry
Pages: 474-478  
Factors affecting on mobile usage in rural area
Pages: 479-484  
Dry sliding behavior of aluminium alloy reinforced with hybrid ceramic particles
Pages: 485-491  
The new dialogue: Taking social media from talk to action in developing countries
Pages: 492-497  
Standardization of proper dose of synthetic hormone for induced breeding of three loaches of genus Botia
Pages: 507-509  
Effect of plyometric and weight training on speed performance of judo players
Pages: 510-512  
Drug and alcohol abuse prevention education in Zambia’s secondary schools: Literature survey
Pages: 513-517  
Use of cloud computing: Perspective of computer science and engineering laboratory
Pages: 518-521  
A survey of children literature as the bedrock for the Nigerian child education and cultural change
Pages: 522-532  
A study on travelers’ perception towards tourism destinations and services
Pages: 533-534  
Mental health status of teachers in secondary school education in India
Pages: 535-544  
Utilization of dramatic play for quality holistic development of Nigerian child
Pages: 545-548  
Cancer biomarkers detection using tracer nanoparticles and advanced nanoscopic scanning
Pages: 549-555  
Food habits and fast food preferences among medical students
Pages: 556-559  
Women empowerment through self-help group: A study of karjat taluka raigad district Maharashtra
Pages: 568-571  
The association between perceived health problems and subjective well-being among dual-earner couples
Pages: 572-578  
Customers perception towards showroom facilities and customer care offered by the select readymade garments in Coimbatore city
Pages: 579-582  
To assess the involvement and influence of teachers in the design process with children
Pages: 583-587  
Evaluation of training & development programmes in construction industry
Pages: 588-596  
Perception towards home science: A comparative study among home scientists and non-home scientists
Pages: 598-601  
Human population and environment
Pages: 602-606  
Continuous and comprehensive assessment of speaking skills in English in schools and colleges provides a holistic approach to English language acquisition
Pages: 607-610  
Capacity building for elected representatives: A key to effective service delivery system in urban governance
Pages: 611-614  
Studies on preparation of burfi from a blend of whole milk and soymilk
Pages: 615-618  
Catching up with sustainable climate growth require short term commitments for long term goals
Pages: 630-631  
Cost of capital theory and firm value: Conceptual perspective
Pages: 632-636  
Ashura: Uprising as struggle for justice to uphold humanity
Pages: 637-638  
Enhancing workers’ performance under stress: Implication for stress inoculation therapy
Pages: 639-644  
Consumer behaviour with regard to purchase of small cars – A study in Thoothukudi city
Pages: 645-647  
Influence of socio economic status on protecting behavior of parents
Pages: 648-651  
Determination of Camels model on bank's performance
Pages: 652-664  
Seasonal Abundance of Predator chrysopids and citrus psylla, Diaphorina Citri Kuwayama and predator in relation to citrus psylla on kagzi lime
Pages: 665-668  
HRM practices and its impact on organisational performance in India
Pages: 669-671  
Getting deep insight of service quality models
Pages: 672-673  
Role of stress management courses: A case study of banking sector employees
Pages: 684-685  
Secondary school level education in Himachal Pradesh: An analytic study
Pages: 686-701  
Activated polymer adsorption for water treatment replacing activated carbons
Pages: 702-704  
Machine learning algorithm hypothesis on smart gyroscopic tuned dampers for earthquake resistance buildings
Pages: 705-707  
हिन्दी नवजागरण के परिप्रेक्ष्य में रामविलास शर्मा की इतिहास-दृष्टि
Pages: 708-710  
A case study of patient satisfaction in zonal hospital of Udaipur
Pages: 711-713  
Quality of parent- Adolescent relationship
Pages: 714-716  
Mangrove succession at Dabhol Estuary, Maharashtra state of India
Pages: 717-720  
To study the level of sclerostin in type 2 diabetic patients and its correlation with other markers of bone turnover
Pages: 721-723  
A study on consumer behaviour with emphasis on shopping experience with reference to organised and conventional retail stores- A comparative study
Pages: 724-728  
b'e p'bhnK dk f;oski gkso ‘SVk*
Pages: 729-730  
Effect of yogic practice on the attitude among school students
Pages: 731-733  
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