International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development
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Effectiveness of insecticides and biopesticides against on rice crop in district Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 01-03  
Biological control of plant pathogenic fungi isolated from some wild plants from Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 04-13  
The Idea of sustainable energy
Pages: 14-15  
Effect of aerobic training resistance training and concurrent training on resting heart rate among college boys
Pages: 16-18  
Fitness profile of CIT University freshmen students
Pages: 19-20  
Comparison of three different VAD algorithms for the robust detection of speech auditory brainstem responses: efficient performance of a novel peak-valley detection based approach
Pages: 21-26  
The principles of ISPS
Pages: 27-29  
Development of artificial neural network model to correlate the cutting and process parameters in high speed machining (HSM)
Pages: 30-33  
Optimizated design and analysis for the development of aircraft droop nose ribs
Pages: 34-41  
Effects of Salting on the shelf lives extension of sun-dried Shoal (Channa striatus Bloch, 1801) and Taki (C. punctatus; Bloch, 1793) fish-products stored at room temperature (270C - 300C)
Pages: 42-47  
Teacher's role in protecting child rights in Andhra Pradesh State
Pages: 48-49  
Comparisons of land and labour productivity in Karnataka
Pages: 50-52  
Comparative Study of Abdominal Strength and Aggression Level among Basketball and Handball Male Players
Pages: 53-55  
Comparison of Energy Intake and Expenditure of Kabaddi Players and Control Groups of Haryana
Pages: 56-58  
Why every athlete should need yoga in modern life
Pages: 59-62  
Comparison status of strength and speed between Kho-Kho and Kabaddi male players
Pages: 63-66  
Comparative study of kinanthropometric measurements of judo and wrestling male players
Pages: 70-73  
Need of Yoga on sports performance
Pages: 74-77  
Effect of Six Weeks Training on Penalty Stroke Performance among Hockey Players
Pages: 78-80  
Medieval Architecture of India: A Source of History (From 12th to 18th Century)
Pages: 81-84  
Right To Education and Sustainable Development: Some Theoretical Perspectives
Pages: 85-89  
Performance of junior college female throw ball players
Pages: 90-93  
Construction of passing ability test for basketball
Pages: 94-96  
Public Private Partnerships for Rural Development through Creating Business Opportunities
Pages: 97-103  
Rural Entrepreneurship in India: Challenge and Problems
Pages: 104-109  
Labour Efficiency in Rural industries
Pages: 110-113  
Dielectric and Ferroelectric Properties of (Ba0.95Ca0.05) (Ti0.90Zr0.1) O3 Composition
Pages: 114-116  
A Critique on the Reflections of the Compelling Search for a New Homeland in Deshbhager Smriti by Adhir Biswas
Pages: 117-120  
Comparative Study of Muscular Strength and Abdominal Muscular Strength of Kho-Kho Kabaddi Male Players
Pages: 121-123  
Anatomy of tongue - A review article
Pages: 124-125  
Drugs in sports
Pages: 126-128  
Effects of alcohol tobacco and smoking on sports performance and physical fitness
Pages: 129-131  
Comparative study of kinanthropometric measurments of judo and wrestling male players of sirsa district
Pages: 132-134  
Potential of botanicals for the management of forest insect pests of Madhya Pradesh, India an overview
Pages: 135-139  
Concept of Fear in Shakespeare’s Tragedies
Pages: 140-144  
A Study of Imagery in A D Hope & Nissim Ezekeil
Pages: 145-150  
A tool to identify children at risk of specific learning disability in Bengali and English
Pages: 151-156  
Parenting adolescents and preschoolers: a study of working mothers of Jammu city
Pages: 157-161  
Customer satisfaction of life insurance policies with reference to Nagapattinam district
Pages: 162-164  
Influence of English on academic performance of physiotherapy students
Pages: 169-172  
Analysis criminologist human trafficking as extra ordinary crime
Pages: 173-176  
Analytical assessment on child friendly environment of a higher secondary school in Nepal
Pages: 177-180  
Developing SWOT/ TOWS Strategic Matrix for E-government in Lebanon
Pages: 181-186  
Design and analysis on composite multileaf spring in heavy commercial vehicle
Pages: 187-194  
Analysis of frictional sliding contact between a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and a rigid parabolic cylinder by using fem
Pages: 195-201  
Participation of Students during the RIN Mutiny: Fight against Imperialism
Pages: 202-204  
Studies on Marketing Efficiency of Agricultural Products in India: A Critical Evaluation
Pages: 205-210  
Pleural lipoma an incidental finding: A case report
Pages: 211-212  
A study to examine the brand preferences of students towards apple v/s samsung smartphone
Pages: 213-220  
Phase 1- The idea of the welfare state in upamanyu chatterjee's fiction
Pages: 221-223  
Phase 2 -The idea of the welfare state in upamanyu chatterjee's fiction
Pages: 224-225  
A Study of Drop-out rate in Primary Schools of Poonch District of Jammu and Kashmir
Pages: 226-230  
African Christianity and Problems of Religious Ambiguity
Pages: 231-235  
The Purposed of thus research is to analysis the legal enforcement in solve the drugs and Psychotropic in South Sulawesi.
Pages: 236-240  
FTIR Spectroscopic and XRD study of cobalt levo-tartrate crystals
Pages: 241-243  
A new monogenea Hamatopeduncularia saketensis n.sp. form fresh water fish Wallago attu
Pages: 244-246  
Concept of Human Rights & Civil Rights in Indian Novel in English
Pages: 247-249  
Application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in container transportation in India's sea ports- an empirical study
Pages: 250-254  
Evaluation of Physical Activity between Men and Women School Teachers
Pages: 255-257  
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules and regulation under companies Act, 2013
Pages: 258-261  
Level of academic achievement among class iv students in science in four districts of Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 262-268  
Development of rural India and the significant of rural non-farm sector: A case study of Dhemaji district, Assam
Pages: 269-276  
Implant Maintanances: The Role of Patient and The Dentist: Review
Pages: 277-279  
A study on consumer behavior towards selected brands of washing machine with special reference to Udumalpet town
Pages: 280-286  
The electron propelled space-craft applications of gamma rays
Pages: 287-291  
Gamma rays from nuclear propulsion annihilation of matter
Pages: 292-295  
Laser driven space vehicles: An application of photons from sunlight
Pages: 296-300  
Water in vacuum as coolant in radiators: An unexplored concept
Pages: 301-304  
An elementary proof of Catalan-Mihailescu and Fermat-Wiles theorems and generalization to Beal conjecture
Pages: 305-306  
A traditional alcoholic beverage Jou: Prepared by Bodo community of Assam, India
Pages: 307-313  
A Psychological Study of Anxiety between Internet Addicts and non Addicts Adolescents of Urban and Rural Area
Pages: 314-316  
A study on potential benefits of eco-tourism in the Tinsukia district of Assam
Pages: 317-320  
Exploration and Management Strategy of Groundwater Resource Manasa Area, Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 321-324  
Role of marketing mix towards the purchase of laptop with reference to Coimbatore city-a study
Pages: 325-329  
Effect of learning style and intelligence on achievement in biology
Pages: 330-334  
Bioremediation - A potential tool for management of aquatic pollution
Pages: 335-340  
Human security in the horn of Africa: Trends and Challenges
Pages: 341-346  
Theories on the role of international organizations in maintaining peace and security
Pages: 347-350  
CImpediment Administer Technique within Elevated Quickness Network
Pages: 351-360  
रूपगोस्वामी का गौण भक्तिरस विचार
Pages: 361-362  
Impact of various cultural conditions on photo production of hydrogen from Kanyakumari photosynthetic bacteria
Pages: 361-365  
Trends in area, production and productivity of selected oil seed crops in Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 366-369  
A comparative multi-centric study of knowledge dissemination by library vis -a-vis role of it
Pages: 370-376  
Agriculture trends in India
Pages: 377-379  
Surface tension-viscosity relationship of powdered peak milk and distilled water solution at 309 K
Pages: 380-382  
Vintage vs Modern: Role of Tennyson and Amit Chaudhuri in an industrial society
Pages: 383-385  
Role of ICT in Enhancing Teacher Education
Pages: 386-388  
Effect of obesity hypertension and stress in modern society
Pages: 389-391  
Sport clubs affiliation to the national federations and legal rights of athletes - A case study
Pages: 392-394  
Impact of bicycle ergometer practices on selected physiological variables of inter university players from different discipline
Pages: 395-397  
Attachment patterns among addicts and non-addicts a comparative analysis
Pages: 395-400  
Changes on selected physical and biochemical variables in respect of interval training programme among handball players
Pages: 398-399  
Comparasion of Sociodemographic Data of Addicts and Non-Addicts & Analysis of Clinical Profile of Addicts
Pages: 401-406  
Measurement and implementation of antenna radiation pattern
Pages: 407-410  
Morphology of barramundi and its characteristics during processing
Pages: 411-413  
An overview of cross border trade in Moreh, Manipur
Pages: 414-417  
Pochampally - An unique silk handloom cluster
Pages: 418-421  
Violation of human rights of the dalits in India
Pages: 422-424  
Style of writing in R. K. Narayan’s writings
Pages: 425-432  
Design evaluation of cam shaft used in multi cylinder engine
Pages: 433-438  
Wear-contact analysis of hip implant coated with functionally graded material
Pages: 439-443  
The idea of modern woman in Bharati Mukherjee's 'Jasmine'
Pages: 444-446  
Inclusive agricultural investment for revival of agricultural growth in Orissa: A theoretical analysis
Pages: 447-450  
मातृभाषा बनाम अंग्रेजी - शिक्षा की भाषा - एक विवेचना
Pages: 451-452  
Gkosh Bkoh dk ;wki ftu pdbdk ;o{g L fJfsjk;e gfog/y
Pages: 453-454  
Deviation in viscosities as a function of composition for binary liquid mixtures of ethyleneglycol monomethyl ether, diethyleneglycol monomethyl ether, diethyleneglycol monoethyl ether, diethyleneglycol monobutyl ether, triethyleneglycol monomethyl ether,diethyleneglycol diethyl ether and diethyleneglycol dibutyl ether all with propylamine at 298.15K and atmospheric pressure
Pages: 455-459  
A study of importance of training in the holistic development of employees working efficiency
Pages: 460-464  
Violence: An unavoidable condition of human existence
Pages: 465-468  
A brief introduction about the partition theory
Pages: 469-472  
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