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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

Vol. 7, Issue 6 (2020)

The quest for quality residential buildings in Nairobi city county, Kenya: A focus on project closure phase

Author(s): Mwenda Mary Nyawira, Otieno-Omutoko Lillian, Christopher Gakuu
Abstract: There has been an upsurge of buildings collapsing in recent past in Kenya particularly in the capital city of Nairobi. One main cause has been attributed to disregard of quality management during project construction phases. This study sought to analyze the influence of project closure phase on quality of residential buildings. Descriptive survey and correlational research designs were used in a mixed methods research approach. Quantitative data was collected through a questionnaire while qualitative data was collected through an interview guide. Research instruments were pilot tested for validity through content related method and reliability through split- half criterion. A sample of 192 respondents was selected by use of Yamane’s (1967) sampling size formula from a population of 3475 registered contractors in Nairobi County by May 2017. A census survey was conducted among the 67 engineering consultants and 24 officers in top management teams of NCA and NBI. Arithmetic mean and standard deviation were used for analyzing descriptive data while Pearson Product Moment Correlation (r) and regression analysis (R2) were used for analyzing inferential data. F-tests were used to test the hypothesis in the study. Tests of statistical assumptions were carried out before data analysis to avoid invalidation of statistical analysis. With r = 0.352, R2=0.124, F (1,222) =35.100 at p= 0.000 < 0.05, the null hypothesis was rejected and it was concluded that there is a positive relationship between project closure phase and quality of residential buildings. It is recommended that a project audit should be done after the completion of all project phases. This aims at establishing whether the project goal was accomplished and whether the activities were conducted in the right manner. This would also establish whether the resources were utilized effectively and if there was any wastage.
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