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Vol. 7, Issue 6 (2020)

Carpet handicraft industry in Kashmir an over view

Author(s): Nadima Fayaz, Dinesh Madot
Abstract: Kashmir is very tremendous throughout the world of his wonderful nature as well as outstanding for its handicrafts sector. Kashmir is our valley like, natural beauty, paradise, Kashmir has always been a land of great poets and philosophers but one can’t only restrict Kashmir to them it also houses some of the great artisans and artists who produce exquisite carpet, shawls, paper machie, wood carving, namdha and so forth are the major crafts of the handicraft sector in the Kashmir valley. There has always been a misconception among people as tend to link Kashmiri handicrafts with carpets only but infact there is much more to Kashmir handicrafts industry. There are different qualities available in the market to suit every pocket from as few lakhs. If we talk about Kashmiri handicrafts has a very important place in handicrafts because of its separate design, quality and durability. The carpet industry has remained a key economic activity in the production and has a great contribution towards exports from the handicraft sector in Kashmir. Kashmir has remained on industry backward state due to lack of investment from the private sector, remoteness and poor connectivity, shallow markets, poor infrastructure and most importantly a law and order situation. In Kashmir handicraft both men and women are dependent on the carpet for their subsistence. The present study focuses on to analyze the production export and growth rate of carpet handicraft in Kashmir, steps involved in the carpet manufacturing process, the challenges of the carpet industry in Kashmir and the role of the government in promoting the handicraft sector will also be discussed before concluding the paper.
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