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Vol. 7, Issue 6 (2020)

Questioning the exclusive categorization of ‘’beaucoup’’ as an adverb in the analysis of Saa, caari, and ciɛri in the Nafara language

Author(s): LE BI Le Patrice
Abstract: This article is a critical approach to the metalanguage and theoretical tools used to reflect on the way saa, caari and ciɛri function in nafara, a variety of Senufo, a language of the gur language-family of Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa). In an article, those linguistic units seem to be isolated and somewhat mistakenly categorized either as adverbs of quantity or of degree exclusively by two analysts of the Nafara language. Thus, the current article tries to question to some extent the relevance of the logic which guided the reasoning adopted in the article under criticism. It also tries to demonstrate that the irrelevance of the reasoning originates in the falseness of the premise adopted at the inception of their analysis. This article finally shows an alternative way which could help analyze saa, caari and ciɛri in Nafara differently.
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