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Vol. 7, Issue 6 (2020)

Authenticity in absurdity in swift’s gulliver’s travels: Fabricated presentation of truth and reality on theoretical basis

Author(s): Tahmina Sultana
Abstract: Jonathan Swift has genuinely made an attempt to expose some reliable issues related to social, political and moral aspects of European people and of humankind in general in Gulliver’s Travels. Actually, for the rectification of the contemporary crooked nations Swifts Gulliver’s Travels is somehow very positive. This study has made an attempt to demonstrate how Swift has transformed the inauthentic into authentic, unbelievable into believable, indecent into decent, unfair into fair and impossible into possible in this exceptional piece of fiction. In this regard, this article has undertaken some relevant theories to match the morals of this novel with life and political culture of contemporary world like, historicism, historiographic met fiction, ethnography, theory of realism in foreign policy, post-colonial perspective etc. Methodologically this writing is in maximum cases based on secondary data and in some points it is focusing the solicitous investigation of the researcher. Finally, some constructive findings are presented too at the end of this paper for exposing some hidden facts yet to be discovered.
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