International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
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Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2019)

Effectiveness of dance aerobics on stress level in physiotherapy students

Author(s): Amee Desai, Dr. Nupoor Kulkarni
Abstract: Background: Aerobic dance is the most popular, fitness organised activity for women. Aerobics helps to strengthen the heart and lungs by increasing the amount of oxygen taken from the blood. High stress levels can lead to future health problems. Most people today cannot adequately deal with stress. Medical school is generally recognized as a stressful environment that has a negative effect on the academic performance, physical health and psychological wellbeing of the student. Hence this study aims to reduce stress among physiotherapy students with the help of dance aerobics Methodology: 60 physiotherapy students with age group of 18-25 years were selected based on the inclusion criteria. Pre assessment and PSS scores were taken prior to the intervention. The intervention was carried out for 6 weeks which included moderate to vigorous levels of exercises carried out for 40 mins 4 days a week which included 5 mins of warm up, aerobic dance for 30mins, cool down for 5 mins. Post intervention assessment and PSS scores were noted and both the scores were Analyzed and compared using paired t-test. Results: The mean and Sd for PSS, Respiratory rate and Heart rate was taken, pre intervention of PSS is 30.35 ± 3.262 and post intervention was 15.4 ± 2.374, pre intervention mean and Sd for Respiratory Rate was 21.5±6.23 and post was 15.4±2.97, for heart rate pre intervention mean and Sd was 82.93 ± 6.23 and post intervention it was 71.16 ± 2.97, all the scores were compared by student paired t test and the result was shown to be highly significant Conclusion: The present study concluded that dance aerobics was effective in reducing the level of stress.
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