International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2019)

Role of agency for developing individual social entity

Author(s): Raju Muhammad Shahidul Islam
Abstract: I would like to interpret a notion of socialization which, in my own judgment, is the process of acquiring by a person the dominant norms, patterns of behavior, language and values of a particular human community. Thus, the very first socialization usually starts with the first eye-contact of a new-born baby with his mother and her first tender talk addressed to him and continues across childhood through formative years in its highest intensiveness. So, what was the impact of social agencies-such as Arts, Community, Family, Law, Literature, Mass Media, Peer Group, Religion, Role Model, and School etc. Primary socialization which we undergo in our formative years is only one of many processes of socialization through which we are coerced to go every time when our life moves into a new stage, e.g. undergraduate studies, new working place, marriage, membership in a club or scientific society. Finally, the most influential after the primary one, I supposed socialization completely happens when we change the country and adapt myself to a completely different culture. To some people it might seem troublesome but I enjoy this process of acquaintance with new country, people and language.
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