International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
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Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2018)

The repertory of lingual-cultural kitchen herb lexicon representing the Asahan Malay’s culinary riches

Author(s): Dwi Widayati
Abstract: The kitchen herb ecolexicon in Malay is essentially a record of Malay’s culinary culture of the past. It consists of culturally material products originating from natural environment and storesthe Asahan Malay’s wealth of meaning and value of life which ​​manifest the verbal coding through the naming of engredient plants, flavorings, and proverbs. This paper is an attempt to describe the lingual-cultural kitchen herb lexicon which relies entirely on the theory of Eco linguistics and on the qualitative descriptive method. It can be concluded that the diversity of the kitchen herb lexicon can be considered to be the manifestation of its society's knowledge of their environment. These insights are inseparable from the cultural reflection of the local community. The more lexicons that contain information about the Asahan Malay’s environment indicate the greater wealth of such environment the community have. Moreover, the availability of expressions embodied in the kitchen herb lexicon shows the creativity of its people who remain to store the knowledge of and to preserve the lexicon inherited to them by the past generation. For example, the lexicon of buas-buas leaves (Premna cordifolia Syzygium aqueum) as a culinary ingredient of anyang buas-buasand of umbut pisang lexiconused as anyang umbut pisang ingredients. What is interesting is that the umbut lexicon is used by the local people to create a proverb: Umbutnya juga tak ketinggalan, mentah masaknya enak dimakan, direbus pula kawannya santan, dibikin rencahnya si anak udang, enak rasanya bukan kepalang (The umbut is also not left behind, the raw which is cooked is delicious, it is boiled with coconut milk, it is flavored with shrimp, its taste is really absurd).
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