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Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2018)

Immediate effect of positional release technique in gastro-soleus muscle cramps

Author(s): Brinda Shah, Dr. Keerthi Rao PT, Khushboo Chelani, Ruchita Shah, Prachi Borawake
Abstract: Background: Positional Release Technique (PRT) earlier was known as strain -counter strain therapy. Nowadays PRT is popularly used in musculoskeletal conditions. PRT also helps in relieving spasms, tightness, tenderness and trigger points.A muscle cramp describes involuntary, painful, visible contraction of a muscle which is sudden in onset. In cramps the affected muscles become tight and taut.Most common muscle cramp is gastro-soleus muscle cramp. Hence, the study is carried out to evaluate its effects. Materials and Methods: 30 participants were included, who were experiencing gastro-soleus muscle cramps and were given PRT to gastro-soleus muscle, in which their pain, range of motion and strength was measured using NPRS, Goniometer and MMT respectively. Result: PRT in gastro-soleus muscle cramps was extremely significant showing significant difference in pain, range of motion (dorsi flexion), and strength and there was no significant difference in the range of plantar flexion. Conclusion: The study concludes that positional release technique shows extremely significant difference in reduction of pain, increase in range of dorsiflexion and increase in strength of gastro-soleus muscle.
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