International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
P- ISSN: 2349-5979

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2018)

Advertising motivations of church advertising in Nigeria

Author(s): Anyasor, Okwuchukwu Marcus
Abstract: This exploratory study sought to ascertain the motive for which church denominations in Nigeria deploy marketing advertising strategy to their church efforts. Specifically, it sought to ascertain the extent to which advertising helps the churches to attract new members, and identify the effective advertising media/channel options they use. 321 clergies from different church denominations in Anambra State, Nigeria were sampled. A 5-point Likert rating scale questionnaire was administered to the respondents under the condition of anonymity with a view to obtaining frank and revealing responses. The descriptive analysis revealed that image building and membership retention are to small extent significantly perceived evangelical motive for the advertising, while attract of new of new members, reactivation of dormant members and increase in membership are perceived to a large extent and also significant. Competition was found to be small extent and not significant enough reason. Spiritual growth was found significantly very low a motive for church advertising whereas; finance is indicated to be significantly very large extent. The study indicated that use of TV/radio, signboards, billboards, posters, crusades and conventions and house-to- house visitations are not significant as well. Funerals/wedding activities is found the predominantly utilized media, yet it is not significantly effective means for evangelizing. Some churches in study area use special clothing as a means for advertising and image making but which study showed is not perceived effective advertising media for majority of the churches. For the few who adopt the means, it has become a significant means for targeting and sustaining parishioners for the churches. The use of town-criers for announcement of billed programs has no effect on targeting the audience; uses of flyers, preaching in transit buses, stickers and ‘morning-cry’ are lowly effective, yet significant persuasive means. It was thus concluded that advertising in Nigeria churches is motivated more by secular issues including achievement of material goals, vis-à-vis spiritual. It was recommended that the churches should be wary of the attitude of its publics towards the medium since not all types of advertising are viewed positively by church members and the public, even though they are found favourably disposed to the tool in the circle. Further researches on church marketing activities, marketing motives of and church shoppers in Nigeria were also recommended.
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