International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Vol. 4, Issue 8 (2017)

Factors influencing buying behaviour of men’s towards grooming products

Author(s): Dhrumil Thakkar, Raksha Maskara, Sachin Rohilla
Abstract: Grooming is the art of making yourself look good, neat and clean. The current research aims to find the factors that influence the purchase of men grooming products. It also attempts to identify the impact of demographic and social factors on the purchase decision The existing literature highlights the main role of social. Cultural, psychological and personal factors in the influencing the purchase intention of males towards grooming products. No such research has been conducted in context of Gujarat and hence represents an opportunity to explore the purchase behaviour of male grooming products in Gujarat. Nearly 400 participants were surveyed consisting of varied demographic profile and it was found that the use of male grooming products is more in the age group of 20-29. Whereas mostly used product is face-wash and it was fond that males use grooming product because they perceive ‘they look good’ after using the grooming products.
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