International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
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Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2017)

Homosexuality in India: Social acceptance and human rights issue

Author(s): Nimisha Mishra
Abstract: In India, talking about homosexuality is like a sin, except few social activists and likeminded people almost everyone have their own thinking about such people and their relationships. It’s like a taboo. There is either lack of awareness or people just don’t want to accept the truth behind it. What is LGBT? Is it just a name given to a community and what this community consists of...aren’t they humans? Doesn’t they exist in society? Studies have revealed that being a homosexual is not by choice but have biological base. It’s basically a feeling that comes from within a person as he or she feels trapped when they are not allowed to behave in a way they exactly want to according to their biological needs. It is in the nature, homosexuality exists not only in humans but also in animals. For these people to be a part of so called civilised society is like living in the hell. Due to so much of disapproval from the society they feel oppressed, depressed and many a times commit suicides too. These people too have right to live a dignified life and everybody has to learn to respect their identity their feelings. Some says it is mental disorder, some people even goes to the extent of saying that it is a new fashion to be a homosexual. But i wonder how people will go for a fashion that excludes them from being part of the society that gives them so much hatred disappointment, disrespect. Studies have now revealed that being homosexual is not always by choice. Hon. Delhi High Court through its judgement in NAZ foundation case tried to restore faith of people belonging to transgender community in judicial system thereby being in favour of decriminalIsing section 377 of IPC. But the Hon. Supreme Court is not of the same view and has kept the section and its meaning as it is. This has again started nationwide debate whether same sex relationship be criminalised or not. There is need to be patient and understand clearly that being a homosexual is not a drama or fashion but its biological and there may be other factotrs too as different scientists have found in their studies. Through this paper the author wants to discuss various aspects related to homosexuality and its effect on society.
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