International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
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Vol. 4, Issue 12 (2017)

Diganta Lawary’s ‘Mijingao Swmkhe Jwmwi’: A critical study

Author(s): Amrit Kherkatary
Abstract: This paper aims to explore the structure of the novel ‘MijingaoSwmkhe Jwmwi’ of Diganta Lawary. Diganta Lawary is a young novelist, Poets, Dramatic & short story writer in Bodo Literature. ‘Mijingao Swmkhe Jwmwi’ is a Social novel of Lawary written in 2008. This is a one of best novel of Lawary. The Plot and Characters are critical. Generally this novel is found a social novel. Village life and farming of the Bodo tribe is depicted in novel. Generally the Bodo tribe of Assam and North East is depending on farming. Central character Jakhob is found as a farmer in novel. Gwgwm is farmer mad of Jakhob. The complete story of the novel has been being developed only based on Gwgwm. Original name of Gwgwm is Gwjwn Boro. He tries to keep his identity but his identity is known by Pahi. Gwjwn was a subject teacher of higher secondary School. Sujuma is daughter of Jakhob. First time she dislikes Gwgwm but when she knows that Gwgwm is GwjwnBoro, she loves him. Gwgwm refused her proposal. But she always waiting for Gwwm. The title of novel is instead of her waiting .Novelist established Gwgwm as a Hero of novel. Novelist Diganta Lawary wrote thirteen novels in Bodo language. His every novel is social novel.
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