International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Vol. 4, Issue 12 (2017)

Shadows of the Night: The drama of two brothers, at the beginning of the dictatorship in Albania

Author(s): Eriola Agalliu
Abstract: Vedat Kokona's drama “Hijet e natës” (The Shadows of Night), (1949) is written 5 years after the dictatorship was established in Albania and is published for the first time nine years later in the literary magazine "Nëntori" (November). The communist regime in this period has completely installed the standard of social realism in the art and consequently the scheme is known: the national - liberation war was made by the communists, with their victory all the class enemies who did not help in this war should be punished. The text of Kokona shows us the drama of the two brothers: one gendarmerie captain, a determined opponent of the communists, and the other a high school professor, dreamer, and disappointed with the reality within which he lives. In a distant relationship with each other, the two brothers remain so uninvolved in the struggle for freedom of partisans and communists in the country. To counteract but also to coordinate, in this way, these characters help and destroy the experiences and the dramatic action of each other. We will try, in our analysis, to see how the characters of the two brothers are shaped in a psychological way, and how, the absence of a main character, precisely by distributing the emotional burden, gives the text more dramaticity in each of them. Given the fact that the two brothers have differing views on life and the world in general, in the face of the communist regime, they show the duplication of a human being who, faced with dictatorship, bows under the weight of the long night that came down to Albania, for almost half a century.
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