International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
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Vol. 3, Issue 6 (2016)

An economic analysis of production & marketing of milk in Markazi Behsud, Maydan Wardak, Afghanistan

Author(s): Ali Husseini, Sanjay Kumar, Nahar Singh
Abstract: This paper discussed to find out the cost of maintenance/lactation of milch cow, milk production per liter, the cost benefit ratio of milk production, the disposal pattern of milk in different size of farms groups, the price spread, producer share in consumer Afghani and marketing efficiency in different channel of marketing, the various constraints/problems faced by the milk producers in production of milk and suggest suitable suggestion to overcome in the study area. Markazi Behsud district and its ten villages were selected randomly also a sample of 69 farmers. The farms were divided into small, medium and large farm groups with the help of cumulative total method. . The sample included 36 small, 22 medium and 11 large farms. On an overall basis, cost of maintenance per cow is AFs.12130.7 (1st size group), AFs.15636.76 (2nd size group) and AFs. 17159.36 (3rd size group), Cost of milk production per liter is AFs.7.09 (1st size group), AFs.6.39 (2nd size group) and AFs.4.44 (3rd size group), on an average, the gross income of cow milk production is AFs.47582.075 (1st size group) AFs.67121.87 (2nd size group) and AFs. 103500.93 (3rd size group), the net business income of cow milk production is AFs.30669.28 (1st size group) AFs.45513.24 (2nd size group) and AFs. 79490.64 (3rd size group), the family labour income of cow milk production is AFs.35731.62 (1st size group) AFs.51420.36 (2nd size group) and AFs. 85902.03 (3rd size group), the farm business income of cow milk production is AFs.35251.38 (1st size group) AFs.50904.26 (2nd size group) and AFs.85147.12 (3rd size group), the farm investment of cow milk production is AFs.31149.52 (1st size group) AFs.46029.34 (2nd size group) and AFs. (3rd size group), the benefit cost ratio of milk production is AFs.2.81 (1st size group) AFs.3.11 (2nd size group) AFs. 4.31 (3rd size group), and disposal of milk is lit.787 (1st size group) lit.1830.6 (2nd size group) lit.3600.0 (3rd size group). The thesis concluded by proffering solutions to livestock production‟ problems through appropriate recommendations. It is hoped that with present administration’s quest to improve the economy by rigorously pursuing its five-point-agenda to logical conclusions, farmers should be educated regarding proper feeding and management of livestock, as to reduce the dry period, limited herd size group is preferable to lower the cost of milk production, to supply the sufficient quantity of fodder in the whole year, the farmers should have holding with fodder crop, balanced diet should be maintained to reduce the cost of milk production per liter. The major constraints in milk production in Markazi Behsud are that most of the farmers are illiterate and unaware of proper feeding, health and maintenance and management of milch cattle. Another problem of milk production in Markazi Behsud is unavailability of sufficient fodder for milch cattle and lack of veterinary drugs which result in reduces the milk production.
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