International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

Vol. 3, Issue 6 (2016)

Using social media for brand equity: Restaurant & café in Hyderabad

Author(s): Dr. Aijaz Ali Khoso, Dr. Muhammad Munir Ahmedani, Dr. Abdul Subhankazi, Dr. Muneer Ahmed, Dr. Ahmed Khan, Saad Ahmed Shaikh
Abstract: Social media, a platform of electronic media which is used by marketers, agencies, entrepreneurs and firms/organizations to promote, sell, aware about the businesses, offerings. Social media comes under digital media, and is a new media and marketing tool used in and out of Pakistan. The main objective of the study is to find out the impact of using social media to build brand equity for the restaurants & cafes that are in Hyderabad. This is an exploratory research and is based on primary data and questionnaire is used as an instrument. The sample size was 100 and the sampling technique was non-probabilistic technique and the researcher used convenience & quota sampling for this research. Data was collected from the respondents who were aware of social media, have account on any social media platform (Face book, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.) and follow any restaurant & café of Hyderabad on its social media and they were used as filter questions to filter the respondents. To find out the impact of using social media on brand equity, four elements of brand equity were taken in consideration; brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality and brand loyalty. To analyze the data, the researcher used Microsoft Excel to interpret it. The result came was that 85% of respondents gets aware about the restaurant & café and its offerings, promotions through social media, and also 84% of respondents could recognize (brand recall) the restaurant & café that are in Hyderabad. This result also shows that 63 out of 100 respondents gave their opinion that social media help in building brand association. Furthermore, to analyze the other 2 elements (perceived quality & brand loyalty), researcher used Five Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree) to analyze it. 44% of the respondents were neutral that social media helps in perceiving quality or not, and 37% also answered when they were asked that the quality of products & offerings are real which are shown in social media, that shows the result that perceived quality couldn’t be concluded accurately that is social media helping it or not, because the average results shows neutral (neither disagree nor disagree). Considering brand loyalty, 77% refer the pages of restaurant & cafes to their friends & family but 55% of respondents said that they will still follow social media of the restaurant they follow the most if there would be a different restaurant with similar content, which holds as an evidence for establishing brand loyalty through social media. So, the research results that social media impacts brand association, brand loyalty and brand awareness (3 out of 4 elements of brand equity). Further research could be done perceived quality and on content on social media, also on different category of business or different region or large sample size.
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