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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

The Correct Face of the Erroneously Presented Leader: Mohammad-bin-Tughluq

Author(s): Anamika Dalal
Abstract: Mohammad-Bin-Tughluq, ‘the wisest fool’ as some historians wrong decision him was really a person a lot of before his times. He continuously affected on to seem out contemporary and new innovative concepts. We decision such experiments nowadays as being inventive and innovative. Md.Tuglaq was actually the primary ruler to assume on the new construct of token currency that too way back within the ordinal century. He conjointly was the one who came up with the innovative plan of keeping correct record of the provincial and state expenditure and financial gain. In Tughlaq there was continuously that distinctive streak of intellectual ability that's to be loved and therefore the historians simply got to look on broader prospective to watch it. It can’t be doubted that Md.Tuglaq was a person of extraordinary temperament of clear foresight. The historians did injustice in writing concerning him and were too grave in jumping to a conclusion. Analyzing his qualification and his visionary talent combined with burning need to transform the governance and increase his influence in areas of territorial and diplomatic achievements, he should be labelled as a pioneer.
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