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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

An Analysis of Marking Scheme in B.P.Ed. Course of West Zone Universities of India

Author(s): Gautam Kumar Chaudhary, Dr. Gupta Rakesh
Abstract: Many varied marking scheme are being followed in the absence of any model professional preparation structure prescribed by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) or any other competent authority to award the B.P.Ed. Degree. The proposed research work is an attempt in this direction to study the existing state of affairs in the marking scheme of this recently originated pre-service teacher training course in Indian universities. A scientific evaluation and finding of core structure will also help the existing scenario to have some uniform pattern for a best professional model of B.P.Ed. in universities conducting this course. Fifteen universities of West Zone were selected using convenient sampling. The Selection of sample is drawn from the universities of West Zones of India as per classification of Association of Indian Universities. For the present study the variables of the study are: 1) Syllabi of B.P.Ed. Course in selected West Zone Universities in India, 2) Marking scheme and weightage of theory papers & theory papers practical’s., 3) Marking scheme and weightage of practical skills & prowess. 4) Marking scheme and weightage of internal & projects. 6) Marking scheme and weightage of lesson plan & teaching. The syllabi of B.P.Ed course in selected universities was collected by the Research scholar. Research Scholar personally visited the physical education department of all the selected universities of West Zone. The data for the present study was collected through different syllabi was analyzed by computing the following statistic stepwise: 1) Data was coded in the numerical form for the statistical analysis. 2) Frequency distribution was used for assessing the objectives of the present study. Following conclusion was drawn from the obtained results: It was found that there is varied structure in marking scheme and weightage of theory papers & theory papers practical’s in selected West Zone universities in B.P.Ed. Course. It was observed that the marking scheme (Theory, Practical & Internal marks) and grand total of B.P.Ed. course were found with varied structured in selected universities.
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