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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

Prevalence of Physical Inactivity among Civil Servants in Southern Ethiopia

Author(s): Markos Yohannes, Prof. N. Vijay mohan
Abstract: Objectives: To determine the prevalence of inactivity in the lifestyle of civil servants in southern Ethiopia. Methods: It was a cross-sectional study carried out in SNNPR region in Ethiopia, 2015. 375 participants are considered as the representatives of the total population ranging from18 - 65 years old, 59.7% men and 40.7% women. Data were collected using standardized self-reporting IPAQ short form and time spent active were assessed. Also, demographic variables were evaluated and prevalence estimates for Inactive/sedentary were determined. Chi-square test (χ2) was used to analyse the bivariate relationship between demographic variables and PA. The predictability of independent variables on dependent variable was utilized by the use of binomial logistic regression. The amount of error can be tolerated, that is with a margin error of 5%, 95% confidence level, and 50% response distribution was determined. Results: Of the 375 participants, 80.5% were found inactive and the remaining 19.5% were classified as minimally active which met minimal PA recommendations. The prevalence of inactivity was higher in female than in men (87.6% and 75.7% respectively). There was significant association found between PA and gender (x2 (1) = 8.19, p = 0.004), income (x2 (2) = 5.83, p = 0.005). But, PA was independent of Age, Education, Marital status, Profession, and Residence. The predictability of independent variables on (PA) was tested and reviled (OR = 2.267; 95% CI: 1.282, 4.008). Conclusion:prevalence of inactivity is high among the population; particularly very higher inactivity was associated with women, older age, leaders that need due public attention and intervention
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