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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

Kadare’s heresies within “Socialist Realism”

Author(s): Virion Graci
Abstract: The paper makes an interpretation of narrative characteristics that permeate in some of the most well-known novels of the internationally recognized Albanian writer, Ismail Kadare. By studying some specific, original findings, the author tries to comprehend the way how they were created and were allowed to be published as a series of novels, internationally successful, in one of the cruelest Stalinist dictatorships. Through the study of the narrative techniques it results that often in Kadare’s novels, the main narrator is who interprets the Albanian world, its myths and ideological history, is a stranger, and, according to the mentality of the time, he is an enemy of the totalitarian Albania. The artistic reconstruction of Albanian world seen with the eye of the enemy apparently saved the author from the personal responsibilities for wrong political points of view and ideology in relation to state institutions of publication and censorship
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