International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

The impacts of the graduate students’ self-evaluations to their achademic achievements

Author(s): Martini jamaris
Abstract: The aim of the research is to study about the academic self-regulation ofthegraduate students. In order to have accurate data, therefore, qualitative method is used in the research, in which, the method leads the process of inquiring and discovering any aspects related to the students academic self regulaton. A three-stage process of data analysis are conducted in order to get accurate research results. First, thematic analysis of all participants’ writings when examining students’ unstructured written reflections of their selvesregulation. Second, within-participants overt behaviors” thematics analysis which con­sisted of identification of common themes of overt behavior within each type of self-regulation”. Third, across-participants analysis inclu­ded identifying common themes across all graduate student’s self-regulation who participate this study. Finally, the analyzing all of graduate students’ academic self-regulation and it relationship with their academic achivemenst. The participants of the research are 81 students who are selected purposely. The research reveals that the graduate students are able to do academic self-regulation. The ability are reflected in: (1) planing their study goals, (2) managing their behavior in order to achieve their study goals, and (3) the academic achievements of the graduate students, in which, they achieved their study goals well
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