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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

Assessing learner support services at IGNOU: A case study of BCA programme

Author(s): Girija Shankar, Dr. Neelam Chaudhary
Abstract: Distance education has moved from the correspondence model through the multimedia model to the current trend of the Tele-learning model and now employs a variety of highly developed and refined materials, video tapes, audio tapes, computer conferencing and computer based courseware. It appears that modern distance education and open learning and communication technology are now almost inseparable. Efforts have been made to provide social interactions in contiguous two way communication channels between student and teacher, student & medium, via a number of communications and electronic technologies in use for distance open teaching in addition, attendance at study centre, provide distance and open learners with ample opportunities for social, psychological and other interactions on a regular basis through the duration of their course. Regional centers are considered as the nerve center of OUs in India because it is through them that various types of support services are provided to the learners. They act as intermediary between the headquarters and the local study centers. Though IGNOU has a vast set up of support services, but there is need to evaluate these services from time to time in order to understand the problem and the grievances of the learners so that a more efficient support system can be provided. For this purpose, we have undertaken a study to evaluate the usefulness of the IGNOU learner support system. The findings of this study will help the University to rejuvenate its learner support system so that the learning experiences of the learners are rewarding.
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