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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

A critical review on Adharaniya vegas (Un holding natural urges)

Author(s): Dr. Mahesh Chand Gupta, Dr. Rajkumar Dhaked
Abstract: Human existence is essentially attributed to constant, continuous oneness of body, mind and soul. We are alive when these constituents are together. When soul and mind departs from body, we usually label it as ' death'. In order to healthy operations of these constituents some urges are created naturally. These urges are known in ayurveda as ' vega'. Vega is a very fundamental and important concept of ayurveda. It is essential for our good health not to suppress urges from body, but, suppress the urges which are concerned with the mind. In maintenance of health, we have to accept air, food etc. into our body. After their entry in the body, they are properly digested. After digestion they are divided in two parts, viz. prasad or nutritious part and mala or excretory part. This excretory part should be thrown out of body. Sometimes for continuation of human life, shukra i.e. semen and artava i.e. ovum are also ejaculated from the body. All these natural acceptance and excretion ' processes are called as vega.
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