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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

Evaluation of emulsion functionality of some Sudanese gums and their blends using He-Ne laser light scattering process

Author(s): Amira Abdelaziz Elhassan Satti, Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, Nafie Abdallattief Almuslet
Abstract: This study aimed to harness laser light scattering process for evaluation of the emulsifying qualities of some Sudanese gums and their blends. Three Acacia gums namely A. senegal, A. seyal and A. polyacantha were used. He-Ne laser light and specially designed sample’s cell holder were configured in an experimental setup to allow for estimating the scattered laser light from the emulsions prepared from these gums and their blends. The study revealed that the emulsifying power (EP) of the studied gums can be arranged in the following order: A. polyacantha > A. seyal > A. senegal, hence their relative emulsifying power, taking A. senegal as reference, is of the order 1.4: 1.3: 1. The study established that A. polyacantha gum forms the most stable emulsions, while A. seyal forms the least among them. Emulsions prepared from blending of these gums show that a blend of 30% A. polyacantha and 70% A. seyal has the best emulsifying power and the highest emulsifying stability compared to emulsions prepared from the two pure gums alone.
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