International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2016)

Livestock sector: Growth, production and contribution in the economy of Himachal Pradesh

Author(s): Kumari Anupam
Abstract: Livestock in the hill region forms an integral part of the age-old crop livestock mixed farming system and assume additional significance as the livelihood option are limited in these areas. Livestock Sector plays a multi-faceted role in the socio-economic development of rural household. Livestock act as a storehouse of capital and an insurance against crop production ricks. Beside land owning household, livestock are also reared by a large number of other household, most of which belongs to poorer sections of the society. Livestock is an important source of animal protein for farm families through the consumption of milk, dairy product, eggs and meat. The paper attempts to analyse the growth of livestock population, livestock product- milk, eggs, meat and wool and its contribution in State Domestic Product. The study reveals that there is decrease in livestock population with variation among categories of livestock. There is perceptible growth in the production of various livestock product but the share of total livestock output in total gross state domestic product fall. This decline is due to the fall in share of primary sector in total SDP.
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