International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
P- ISSN: 2349-5979

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2016)

Motivational Factors for Various Generations of Employees in Nepal Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

Author(s): Prof. R. Madhusudana Raju, Bhagwati Prasad Chaudhary
Abstract: The paper deals with generational differences with respect to various motivational factors in Nepal Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Changing globalization and demographics have brought major changes in the work culture of the organizations. Today’s workplace consists of employees coming from different cultural backgrounds. They differ in many ways like lifestyles, preferences, value system, priorities, personal, social, organizational needs and many more. Therefore, it would be interesting and impulsive to study the preferences of employees on different motivational factors and making an effort to motivate them accordingly in a scientific way. Data for the study was collected thorough purposive sampling from 358 respondents on six points ranking scale through a questionnaire. All respondents belong to three different age groups i.e., Younger, Mid and Elder Generations. Results of one-way ANOVA test revealed that there is a significant perceived difference among three generations of employees with respect to various motivational factors
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