International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2016)

A study on Haddon matrix injury prevention: targeting kite flying hazards in community

Author(s): Dr. Soha. A. Ghasura
Abstract: Title: A study on Haddon matrix injury prevention: targeting kite flying hazards in community.
Objective: Kite flying injuries leads to mortality and life threatening injuries in the Community during the season of Uttarayan.
The aim of this study was to find out: 1) The awareness regarding primary prevention Practiced by the kite flyers; 2) To assess various direct/indirect modes responsible for injuries while kite-flying, in respondents treated at tertiary care centre affiliated to medical college of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Materials and methods: Two seventy six kite flying victims who were admitted for treatment at tertiary care hospital, they were interviewed using a questionnaire to evaluate various direct-indiret factors leading to their present injuries. Awareness regarding kite flying hazards was also determined and haddon matrix was developed as per the data available.
Results: All participants were between the ages of 12 to 55 years. Majority (57%) of respondents belonged to above poverty line and below poverty Line population. About 37.48 % of minors were totally unaware of the need of preventing tools for kite injuries. As per analysis, (26.81%) were injured due to falls, (20.28%) due to minor accidents on roads, majority of victims (35.14%) admitted injuries from the kite strings and indirect injuries resulting from assault and brawl during kite flying were (11.95%).
Conclusion: This study revealed a need for strict laws and legislation is imperative to prevent the availability of harmful kite flying materials and lanterns. Initiation of the local IEC campaigns during festivals like uttarayan is crucial to prevent injuries. Wearing helmets while driving can help prevent road traffic accidents and mortality. Mandatory installation of curving rods on the two-wheelers and double scarf at neck to prevent throat injury must be emphasized in the community.
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