International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN Online: 2349-4182
ISSN Print: 2349-5979

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2016)

Survey and study of fish fauna of river Jhelum, Kashmir (J&K)

Author(s): Shameema Sultan, Ravi Kant
Abstract: Fish fauna form an essential part of aquatic ecosystems, and any variation taking place in the medium in which they live can affect their productivity, diversity, distributions and behavior. In order to assess the current status of the fish fauna of the river Jhelum, study was undertaken from Dec. 2014 to Dec. 2015. Monthly samplings were carried out at the four study sites –Ladkipore Bridge,Khanabal, Sangam, Zero Bridge covering a total river length of about 85 km (about 35% stretch of the river Jhelum through the Valley). During the study period, nine species of fish were recorded – Schizothorax plagiostomus Heckel 1838, Schizothorax esocinus Heckel 1838, Schizothorax curvifrons Heckel 1838,Schizothorax labiatus McClelland 1842, Schizothoraxniger,Heckel 1838, Cyprinus carpio communis  Linnaeus 1758, Cyprinuscarpiospecularis Linnaeus 1758, Crossocheilus diplochilus Heckel 1838 and Triplophysa marmorata Heckel 1838. Apparently, the fishery resource of the River Jhelum has thus declined over a period of time indicating some stress or abnormal external influences which are altering the health of this vital economic-ecologic lotic waterbody.
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