International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
P- ISSN: 2349-5979

Vol. 2, Issue 11 (2015)

Medical waste management and environmental pollution control in Coimbatore city

Author(s): ET Lokganathan, AS Sangeethasre
Abstract: Medical waste, due to its content of hazardous substances, poses serious threats to environmental health. The hazardous substances include pathological and infectious material, sharps, and chemical wastes. In hospitals, different kinds of therapeutic procedures (i.e. cobalt therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, surgery, delivery, resection of gangrenous organs, autopsy, biopsy, para clinical test, injections etc.) are carried out and result in the production of infectious wastes, sharp objects, radioactive wastes and chemical materials. The study reveals that there is no proper, systematic management of medical waste except in a few private medical industry that segregate their infectious wastes. The study also shows that a newly designed medical waste management system currently serves a limited number of industries involved in the medical field. To examine the dumping of medical pollutants by the medical industries in Coimbatore. The objectives are to analyze the effective measures taken to dispose the medical pollutants by the medical industries, to find out the staff improvement in segregating, handling and disposing the medical waste in a proper manner and finally, to examine the government support to dispose the medical wastes and to offer remedial measures to save the environment from the medical pollutants. The companies selected are not-listed specifically since the health care sector covers different nature which do not have a definite identification. Apart from that personal discussions with officials of the concerns also helps to enhance the required information. The total population is listed from the database, however, around 200 respondents were covered randomly. The sample size was adopted as 200 medical industries from different parts of Coimbatore City which contains innumerable in number which cannot be exacted. The researcher randomly selected these 200 medical related industries and the opinions on the various aspects of medical pollutants were collected by distributing questionnaire. The study was limited within the medical industries existing to the limitation of the geographical location of Coimbatore It is concluded that not only in our city taking into consideration the whole country, medical waste management systems to reduce the environmental and public health risk are grossly inadequate.
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