International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
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Vol. 1, Issue 7 (2014)

The principles of ISPS

Author(s): Marcel Hendrapati
Abstract: The principal objective of IMO, as stated in its Constitution, is to provide machinery for co-operation among Governments in the field of governmental regulations and practices relating to shipping engaged in international trade. For this purpose the Organization is enjoined to encourage the adoption of the highest practicable standards in a number of specific fields, that is inter alia efficiency of navigation, maritime safety [1]. Each state remains free in theory to create and apply its own legal standards relating to maritime safety or safety of shipping to ships flying its flag and, to a more limited extent, to foreign ships entering its ports or territorial sea. Nevertheless there would be chaos if these standards varied widely or were incompatible. Fortunately the international community has perceived the need for a set of uniform international standards to promote the safety of shipping. These standards are contained in a number of international conventions, most of which are the work of IMO. The shipping safety standards dealt with by these conventions consist of some factors, inter alia seaworthiness of ships.
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