International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

E- ISSN: 2349-4182
P- ISSN: 2349-5979

Vol. 1, Issue 4 (2014)

IVarious factors influencing to the nipa (Nypa fruticans) wine fermentation

Author(s): Nguyen Phuoc Minh
Abstract: Fresh nipa sap, which has sweet and fruit-like odour, does not contain any higher alcohols and acetic acid. Fermentation of fresh nipa sap will lead to changes in aroma and taste, due to the highly fermentable nature of the sap. Fermented nipa sap contained high amount of ethanol, as well as higher alcohols, esters, diacetyl, and acetoin. In order to optimize the nipa (Nypa fruticans) wine fermentation, we investigate different factors possibly affecting to its quality. Our results defined some major parameters: yeast Saccharomyces cereviesiae ratio 0.2%, initial soluble dry matter oBrix of fermentation juice 22%, initial pH of fermentation juice 4.5, fermentation time 6 days. Product is then supplemented with syrup 2% to get a better pleasant feeling.
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